The nails are the window to your overall health, much like the eyes are the window to the soul.

Your natural nail’s outward appearance might often hint at underlying health issues. Nail abnormalities, such as pitting, may indicate an autoimmune condition, vitamin inadequacies may be to blame for yellowing or greening nails, and psoriasis may be to blame for nail separation, according to the studies.

An indication of nail problems that can’t be ignored? Nail patches of white color.

Problems with your nails can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor hygiene.

What is leukonychia?

White nails are medically referred to as leukonychia. It’s the most typical case of discolored nails.

Multiple layers of keratin are compacted to form a nail. The nail bed is typically visible through these layers. That’s why there’s a hint of pink to your nails. Air can become trapped between the keratin layers if they become separated, wounded, or damaged. In addition, the result is a white appearance in the region.

Actually, there are three distinct forms of leukonychia:

  • Cases of punctate leukonychia are characterized by individual white patches.
  • Terry has a condition called longitudinal leukonychia, which causes white bands to appear along the length of his nails.
  • Muehrcke’s lines, also known as transverse leukonychia, are white streaks that run horizontally across the nail.

Why do some people’s nails get white spots?

1. Nail-bed damage

Although many attribute the symptoms to a lack of calcium, it is unlikely to be the case. Signs of nail bed damage, such as white patches, might be attributed to either dryness or trauma. Biting one’s nails and getting gel manicures, both of which can cause damage to the nail bed, are two common causes of these white spots. Mineral deficiencies, such as those in zinc and calcium, are extremely uncommon causes.

2. Damage from manicures

The nail bed, or the area directly beneath the nail, can be harmed during regular manicures and pedicures.

Such injury can happen if your manicurist isn’t careful while shaping your nails with sharp implements.

Damage to the nail can result from repeated use of an electric file or from pressing the cuticles back too forcefully with a metal tool.

3. An allergic response

White spots on the nails could be the result of an allergy to nail polish, gloss, hardener, or remover.

These white patches may also be caused by the chemicals used in the application and removal of artificial or gel nails.

Toenail fungus The most common type of toenail fungus is called white superficial onychomycosis, and it can develop anywhere on the nail. Small white specks on the nails may appear first as a warning sign of infection.

The nail bed is a possible target for the infection’s progression. Cracking and flaking of the toenails may be followed by thickening and brittleness.

4. Nail injury

Most cases of white nail patches result from an injury. White bands are not the only possible result of trauma or nail injury; little white spots (punctate leukonychia) are also possible.

Even something as seemingly minor as banging your finger on a car door might cause severe nail harm. In addition, if the nail becomes detached from the nail bed as a result of the trauma, the entire nail may turn white.

However, white spots on your nail can be caused by something as trivial as an accident. A typical practice that can cause nail injuries is biting the nails. Causes white patches on nails.

5. Genetic factors

Even if true leukonychia is a genetic trait, it manifests in only a tiny percentage of the population.

A gene mutation is to blame, and it can be handed down from either parent. True leukonychia is a hereditary condition that causes a person’s nails to be completely white, usually appearing shortly after birth or in infancy. 

When Is It Time to Seek Medical Help?

Nail injuries can cause occasional white spots, which usually don’t require a trip to the doctor until they become persistent. If the white spots on your skin have no known origin and seem to be growing worse, however, it may be time to see a dermatologist who can rule out hereditary or other causes.

Treatment Options

It is possible that a doctor will need to examine the nail clippings supplied in order to diagnose white spots and choose the best course of treatment.

The treatment required to remove the white spots is dependent on their origin. If the physician is unsure about the root of the problem, they may order one or more of the following tests:

  • Blood test to determine the presence of a systemic disease
  • mycology, the study of fungus from nail clippings
  • nail biopsy, the removal of a small amount of tissue for testing.

No single method exists for eliminating white spots. Those that are the result of trauma will simply disappear as they heal.


There is typically little cause for alarm when white spots appear on fingernails. Nail fungus develops after a little damage, which you may or may not recall, to the nail. As they get longer, they are trimmed or filed down. However, if white spots appear on your fingernails frequently and don’t go away, you may have an infection and should consult the best general physician soon.


1. How do you prevent white spots on nails?

Because it moisturizes and fortifies the nail, cuticle oil is the best defense against white spots on the nail in the first place. The application of a moisturizing base coat prior to applying nail paint is also recommended.

2. What can be done to eliminate the white spots?

To help restore skin color and halt the spread of white patches, your doctor may suggest topical creams, ultraviolet light therapy, or oral medicine. Small areas of white skin can also be successfully removed using a skin graft.

3. Do white spots on nails go away?

Most damage to a nail can be remedied by allowing it some time to heal. The damaged area of the nail will gradually spread upwards across the nail plate as the nail grows. The white patches will go away completely over time.

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