Can I Use Day 2 Test Fas Fit To Fly?

In 2019, a virus attacked our beloved earth. Scientists called it Covid-19. It induced the pandemic and killed millions of people. Besides killing people, it also changed the world in different tones. The way of studying and working has primarily changed. Traveling manners has also changed. Now, travelers need to submit their Covid-19 reports before starting their journey. There are different tests you can get before moving to another country. 

Fit to Fly Test

As the name shows, the test you get to show your eligibility to travel is known as the Fit to Fly Test. With a negative fit to fly test, you can travel to different countries. And you can search for a fit to fly test near me if you want to travel conveniently. 

Types of Fit to Fly Test

There are test choices for which you can select according to your convenience. 

  1. In Clinic Testing (PCR and Antigen)
  2. Fit to Fly Antigen Test
  3. Fit to Fly Covid PCR Test 
  4. Video Telehealth Supervised Test
  5. Return to UK Antigen Test

The most common types of fit to fly tests are Rapid Antigen and PCR tests. 

Rapid Antigen Test

A Rapid Antigen Test is the fastest way of getting a Covid-19 certificate. It gives results within 30 minutes. If you search for fit to fly test near me, you will find the Official Rapid Tests option. They will provide you Rapid Antigen Test report within 15 minutes. The procedure of Rapid Antigen Tests involves the detection of virus antigens in the human body. You can order the Rapid Antigen Testing kit on the website of Official Rapid Tests. 

PCR Test

Unlike a Rapid Antigen Test, a PCR test takes 24 hours to show results. It is because it contains sub-steps, including denaturation, annealing, and extension. Furthermore, a PCR test is more reliable than a rapid antigen test because it can detect Covid-19 in a human sample during all three phases of the virus disease. The three phases of infections include probation, infectious, and post-infectious periods.

What About Day 2 Test?

If you get any test 2 days before your arrival, it will be a day 2 test. It is obligatory for those who visit different countries, especially America. You can get it as fit to fly test if it is convenient. 

Official Rapid Tests: The Best Place for Day 2 Test

Many people do not find the most trustworthy organization for the Covid-19 test. They should visit the website of Official Rapid Tests. It is the most suitable website for travelers who want to avoid scammers. You can get all Covid-19 tests under the single roof of Official Rapid Tests. Their prices are also affordable for all the classes. Furthermore, you do not need to leave your place to enjoy their services because they have an advanced website where you can order your kits. Official Rapid Tests provide FDA-approved and CE-labeled kits for the most reliable Covid-19 certificates. 

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