The spine has a disc that helps it perform daily activities like walking, running, turning, shifting, lifting, etc., accurately and seamlessly. However, the disc faces pressure when we portray a wrong posture or wear and tear as we move. The pressure can lead to the diminishing or damaging of the disc material. There are many effective therapies to resolve the problem of spinal decompression. 

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Although most people go for a chiropractor or physical therapy, these forms only provide temporary relief. But spinal decompression therapy is the best for removing negative pressure on the disc. The treatment has proven effective after discovering that more than 86% of patients experience healing. 

What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy? 

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical approach to treatment. It is a holistic treatment involving motorized traction therapy that will effectively and efficiently massage and extend the spine. The treatment reduces the pressure on the disc material by alleviating the tension from sensitive spinal discs and nerves. The treatment not only soothes the pain but also improves blood circulation, oxygen circulation, and nutrient exchange, reaching all injured parts of the spine. Spinal decompression therapy has many phases involving stretching and relaxing. Each visit will relieve the discomfort and help the spine regain its glory.   read also about :Metal of Surgical Instruments

Only trained staff are allowed to perform the therapy. Professionals wear a harness that is controlled by a computer to be fixed on the patient’s lower back. The motor gradually stretches the spin to encourage fluid flow into different disc parts. The fluid is used for the healing process and to reduce pressure. However, the treatment requires multiple visits to get the full result. Also, each patient has a customized routine of therapy which can be completed a week or thrice a month. As a result, the patient may experience relief and improvement after a few visits.  

How Spinal Decompression Works 

The procedure is a spinal traction treatment performed by osteopaths and chiropractors. Spinal decompression helps improve the areas around the disc to lower pressure on it. Afterward, nutrients, blood, and oxygen begin circulating efficiently in the disc to promote healing. Another aim of spinal decompression therapy is to remove the pressure mounted on the disc for body positioning.  

Finally, the surgeon places the harness over the clothing. Besides, the harness is placed on the pelvis while the patient lies face down or on the table. The computer will monitor the treatment, and every therapy session is personalized to a patient’s needs.  

The progress of the treatment will determine how many sessions are necessary. Speaking of which, many people fly to Dubai to get the best spinal decompression therapy treatment. 

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What Spinal Decompression Therapy Treats 

You can go for the treatment if you’re experiencing weakness, pain, numbness, or limited motion. The non-surgical method is used on the upper, middle, and lower back facing pains. Below are some conditions spinal decompression therapy can alleviate: 

  • Sciatica: Sciatica is an excruciating pain that affects the sciatic nerve route starting from the lower back and passing through the buttocks to the hips and legs. This pain can affect a portion or both sides of the body—the condition results from compressed nerves leading to a herniated disc, bone spurs, or spinal stenosis. 
  • Degenerative disk disease: this condition affects more than 30% of persons at age 35 and above. Disc degeneration is caused by age, a disease that diminishes the disc causing discomfort, pain, and other symptoms. Someone with the condition will experience worse pain when sitting, bending, twisting, or lifting. 
  • Spinal stenosis: with time, the spaces separating the vertebrae begin to close, which causes static pressure on the nerves and spinal stenosis. These nerves are responsible for carrying fluid to the spinal column. Many may display symptoms ranging from numbness, weakness, pain, discomfort, and tingling. Most times, the condition starts in the neck and lower back. 

Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy 

Back pain is common among people due to physical work or sitting for a long time. The condition compresses the spine resulting in pain and tension. Spinal decompression can result in other conditions like disk degeneration. However, the condition can be alleviated through noninvasive methods to help relieve the tension and pressure. The treatment causes pain relief from the root cause, unlike other forms of treatment. There are many benefits to this treatment, such as;  

  • Non-surgical treatment: the treatment is non-surgical, meaning the patient can experience healing quickly compared to conventional surgery. So, patients may go for spinal surgery, but experts suggest patients consider spinal decompression therapy first to see if it can resolve the pain without surgery. In addition, the method has proven to be effective, and many patients can return to their daily lives after a few visits.  
  • Alleviate pain and tension: Tension and pain relief are another benefit of this treatment. The pain and tension results from the pressure or compression on the nerves. Chronic back pain limits motion in our body and spinal decompression therapy is the fastest way to increase mobility. Some patients may undergo several treatments to experience relief from chronic pain to return to their daily activities. 
  • Versatile therapy: the treatment is versatile for back pain conditions. The non-surgical treatment has proven effective against degenerative disk disease, sciatica, and pinched nerves. Other conditions requiring this treatment include bulging, slipped, or herniated disks.   


Evidently, spinal decompression therapy is an effective and non-invasive way to deal with various forms of pain. It has multiple pros over surgery and can get you back on your feet in less than a month.  

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