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Many people believe that men’s skin is more resilient than women’s; in fact, many men around the world don’t take the same level of care as women when it comes to their skin. While men’s skin differs from women’s, men still need to care about their skin and take the proper steps to ensure its health. Lack of skincare accelerates the aging process; just like women, men can start looking older earlier in life by not taking care of their skin. This article will discuss the importance of skincare for men and how it differs from women. 

Male vs. Female Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s vulnerable to air pollution, your diet, and aging. While skincare products can have an impact by protecting your skin and boosting circulation, you can’t prevent the effects of time, although you can lessen the impact. 

Believe it or not, men’s and women’s facial skin is different in a few ways. 

Men Have Bigger Pores

Men have a higher quantity of active sebaceous glands, resulting in larger pores. Therefore, men’s skin is more sensitive to the effects of free radicals and oilier skin. 

Aging is Quick

One significant difference between men’s and women’s skin is that men typically don’t show the signs of aging until later in life. However, once they start showing the signs of aging, it’s quick. 


Most women don’t shave their faces, but most men do. Shaving can exfoliate the skin, but it can also stress it. 


Acne typically begins at the start of puberty for any gender. However, because women’s hormones fluctuate more often, women are typically prone to acne throughout their teens and adults more so than men. That being said, this doesn’t mean that men’s hormones don’t play a role in the health of their skin. 

Reasons Why Men Should Care About Skin

While many men have realized the importance of skincare, many have not because they don’t understand that even though there are differences in their skin versus women’s skin, all skin requires proper care. Here’s why men need to care about skincare too. 

Sensitive Skin

Many men have sensitive skin that can be worsened by pollution, bacteria, and dirt. Sensitive skin can easily be damaged by these factors, speeding up the aging process and making your skin feel dry and uncomfortable. 

All skin can become dry due to sensitivities, and because men have larger pores, their skin can become more sensitive when it comes into contact with particles floating around in the air, sweat, and even dirt. Larger pores mean the higher the chance for those pores to become clogged, creating acne, which can impact anyone’s confidence. 

Skin Conditions

Acne, dry skin, and other conditions do not care what your gender is; they can impact anyone at any age. While men and women have different types of skin, men can still suffer from the same skin conditions. While women typically suffer from skin conditions due to hormonal changes, men might not have to because their facial hair makes their skin more elastic and less prone to cystic acne. 

However, because men have larger pores, they can still get acne as their skin is more prone to letting debris and dirt into their skin. Not only that, but because men have oilier skin, they can easily get acne if they don’t regularly wash their faces. 

While acne is one major concern, another major concern is dry skin. Even though men’s skin is technically more oily than women’s, this doesn’t mean they are fully protected from the elements. Anyone who lives in a place that gets cold and has dry air can suffer from dry skin if it’s not properly taken care of. Winter air mixed with the artificial heat you have indoors can wreak havoc on your skin by taking away its moisture. 


Anyone can get a bad sunburn that’s uncomfortable, but not protecting your skin from the sun can lead to skin damage and cancer. If you want to prevent premature aging and cancer, you should wear an SPF lotion or cream when you’re in the sun. You should wear SPF even in the winter as the sun’s rays can bounce off of snow, even if it’s a cloudy day. 

Prevent Further Aging

As mentioned, men’s skin ages differently than women’s, but it eventually ages. If you notice any of the signs of aging, you can prevent further aging by taking proper care of your skin. Hydrating your skin with skincare for men at least once a day can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and may even reverse some lines if you’re proactive enough. 

It’s About More Than Looking Good

Skincare goes beyond looking good; it’s about feeling good and ensuring your body and mind are healthy. When you’re having a bad skin day, you might not feel as confident as days when your skin is looking its best. Not only that, but taking care of your skin goes beyond simply using the right products; if you want to take care of your skin, you’ll need to start taking better care of your health. 

For example, one of the best natural ways to improve the appearance of your skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps your skin hydrate from the inside out. Additionally, eating a diet that’s full of healthy vitamins and minerals can keep your body, mind, and skin healthy. 

Remember, you have skin all over your body; your scalp is skin that needs to be healthy for healthy hair growth. If your skin isn’t healthy, your hair might not be healthy. Taking care of your skin ensures your hair stays strong, healthy, and luscious to help prevent premature hair loss. 

Promotes Further Selfcare 

Taking care of your skin is just one small part of taking care of yourself, but it’s simple and easy. Once you begin a skincare routine and start seeing noticeable improvements in how your skin looks and feels, you can start taking other initiatives to improve your overall self-care. 

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