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Progressing to Team Training:

If you are looking for personal trainer Northwich then carry on reading for a great overview of this loca gym. Maybe you live in Hartford property, Knutsford or Davenham and want someone local? Many clients come to us with an idea that they want to commit to personal training 2 times per week to get some real results.  They may be back to exercise after a very long break, or completely new to it and starting from scratch. They may think “I will make the financial commitment to this for 3 months”, which is huge, but they are hoping the 3-month period will get them to where they want to be and then they can leave and stop spending as much money.

We know that this does not work.  If you commit to something for 3 months and then stop, you are most likely to go back to what you have been doing for most of your life. That is why Team Training was created. We have clients who like to stick to 1-2-1 and if they can afford it in the long term then why not keep doing what you love?  However, many clients are not able to continue this financial commitment after a few months.  Most will also benefit and progress far more rapidly within a group where they have built friendships.

Team training allows members to train every day except Sunday, with high level personal training quality coaching, for less than the price of 1 personal training session per week.  Friendships and social events are included and very soon our clients have a healthy circle of professional friends all on the same journey with positivity in abundance all rubbing off on each other.  This really is a great group of people to hang out with and the benefits are tenfold and follow through into work and relationships. Successful people attract successful people and more and more success. Think about an exercise group who all read “The Secret” and live by its rules!

We have 1-2-1 members who really thought they would never have the confidence to progress to group training.  However, 3 months later they are intrinsic to the group, self-esteem has skyrocketed, and training 3 to 4 times per week has become a lifestyle choice that they enjoy rather than a chore.

More Equipment:

Personal training in a private gym means never having to queue for equipment or have your routine changed at the last minute because the gym is busy.  As a trainer of course it is a delight to have excessive amount of high-quality kit only to use on one client.  It is so easy to plan workouts in advance and track progression because we always know exactly which equipment we will use in a session.

It might be that you are still a little nervous about going back to a larger gym locally because you still don’t really want to be mixing with too many individuals or sharing equipment.  There is nothing worse than watching someone sweat all over a bike or dumbbell, only for your trainer to use that piece of equipment for you straight afterwards!  In our private gym you are alone with your trainer, and everything is at your disposal. 

Train Outside in the Summer:

If you have been following @teamtraininguk on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn you will know that Paul Connor, the founder of Team Training, is obsessed with daylight and the weather.  His wealth of knowledge will have you learning all about sleep, vitamin D and the importance of daylight and fresh air for your mental health and longevity.  If the sun is shining, the doors will be open, and you will have the pleasure of training outside to make sure your mood is boosted even further before you leave your session.  Of course exercise in the sunshine like surfing or cycling are the ideal always to boost the endorphins.

If you are thinking of personal training, then coming to work with Paul and the Team in our Northwich Gym will be the best decision you can make.  There is a life changing energy and positivity around this gym and its members, that is something very special. 

We welcome everyone and work with the same enthusiasm to help all our members and clients to begin, or continue their journey, towards leading, and loving a healthy lifestyle.  We aim to give you sustainable, functional health and fitness that will see you well into your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.   

Happiness, Longevity and Community are the key pillars of this gym, and we welcome everyone to come and be a part of this, either through 1-2-1 personal training or by joining Team Training.   Get in touch here to have a chat with Paul or Catherine about how we can help you to achieve your goals and make the changes you are hoping for.

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