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Exercise is the key to staying healthy for your whole life! It means that exercise extends your life and keeps you healthy till the very end. Contrary to that, people who chose to avoid exercise and spend a sedentary lifestyle, live a miserable life filled with health complications. Therefore, it is vital to exercise daily especially when you are growing old. Still don’t believe us? Here are the five reasons why exercise is important as you grow old.

5 reasons why exercise is important for you

Let’s dive straight into the reasons without wasting time!

1.    Why exercise is important? It supports skeleton health

Exercise is important because it supports our skeleton health. Skeleton health is essential to spend a healthy life, especially while you are grown old. Our skeleton supports our whole body but as we grow old, the strength of our skeleton starts declining. Moreover, the healing ability of the broken bones starts decreasing. Therefore, old people experience more broken bones and their bones heal very slowly. However, the people who regularly exercise, experience fewer broken bones and they can heal rapidly. It happens because exercising makes our skeleton more strong in the long run.

2.    Avoiding Excessive Cognitive Decline

As we grow old, our cognitive abilities start declining. It is the law of nature! We cannot completely eradicate it right now but we can delay it and slow the process of decline in cognitive ability. The best way to avoid excessive cognitive decline is to exercise regularly. Regular exercises keep our bodies healthy and young by impacting our DNA and tissues. Contrary to that, people who live a sedentary lifestyle, become old fast and therefore, experience excessive cognitive decline.

3.    Improving Balance

Old people fall even at the smooth paths! It happens because they lose balance while walking or moving. However, people who exercise regularly cannot fall easily when they grow old because their body has improved balance abilities. While exercising, our body learns and practices maintaining balance and this learning and practice come in handy when we grow old. The improved balance of our body ensures that we do not fall easily when we grow old. So, keep exercising!   

4.    Maintaining Strength Reserve

As we grow old, our core strength starts decreasing and we start losing muscle mass. On top of that, our bodies start to decline overall, and this further fuels the decline in our strength reserves. However, this situation can be controlled by regular exercise. So, keep doing your regular exercise as you grow old to ensure the maintenance of your strength reserves.   

5.    Slow Aging Process

Regular movement helps us to counter the aging process of our body. The aging process happens because our bodies are naturally designed to grow old as we age. Although, it cannot be reversed or eliminated yet it can be delayed and decreased. How? It is simple! We can delay the aging process by maintaining our strength reserves with the help of exercises. Regular exercise builds our inner core strength reserves that remain with us for our whole life. So, keep exercising!

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