When looking for a Food Delivery Management system, the first thing to look for is a user-friendly interface. This will make the process of managing orders as simple as possible. Ideally, the platform should incorporate multiple elements that give users control and a positive experience. The interface should also be easy to navigate.

OnTime 360

Clickoot OnTime 360 provides a full-featured Food Delivery Management system that is customizable. It offers features such as real-time driver tracking, messaging features, and more. With this software, any restaurant can control its delivery processes and boost its profits. The system also provides options for a customizable logo, invoice layout, and more. It also offers extensive online support through a searchable support website and in-app tutorials.

The system is cloud-based and supports small to enterprise-level businesses. Its features include maps-based driver dispatch, live driver tracking, in-app messaging, robust invoice management, and integration with other software systems. It also supports multiple users and offers access permissions for each user. It also has a customer portal that lets customers manage their own addresses and track their orders.

OnTime 360 offers a free 14-day trial and does not require a contract. The trial allows you to test the software before committing to a monthly payment. You can also cancel anytime if you are not satisfied. For more features, you can choose a Professional or Enterprise plan. You can also connect a POS system and payment gateway to the software. However, it is important to remember that an API connection will cost extra.

With the customizable features offered by OnTime, users can set up pricing based on customer zones. In addition, customers can add notes and receive notifications about their orders. OnTime also offers advanced route optimization capabilities.


GetSwift is a food delivery management system that helps restaurants and food-related businesses to manage orders, schedule drivers, and track deliveries. Its mobile application provides drivers with easy access to upcoming orders, which saves time by optimizing their routes. The food delivery software lets restaurants track all orders, and drivers can provide real-time ETAs to customers.

GetSwift’s features include real-time tracking, predictive ETAs, and smart alerts. It is easy to learn and customize, and its customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also offers a white-labeled dashboard, automated messages, and proof-of-delivery tools.

GetSwift’s dashboard gives users real-time visibility of orders, including details such as the average delivery time, vehicle capacity, and driver performance. The dashboard also allows users to export and analyze their data. The system also has proof-of-delivery features, so customers will receive a notification once their order has been delivered. Drivers are also provided with an app that alerts them of new orders and offers directions with the most efficient route.

GetSwift is an easy-to-use delivery management system. It allows users to manage the entire delivery enterprise through a single dashboard. The dashboard is well-organized and contains detailed information about drivers, jobs, and data snapshots. To integrate with other systems, GetSwift provides API codes through its website. Small businesses may want to work with an IT specialist for the implementation of these features.


Whether you have multiple locations, offer multiple types of meals, or use delivery services, Tookan Food Delivery Management System can streamline the entire process. This system has three core modules that help restaurant owners control costs, improve customer satisfaction, and improve sales. It integrates with existing systems, such as Shopify and Google Sheets, and can be used without any coding knowledge.

Tookan has a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages. The platform also displays helpful dialog boxes when you log in, including navigation menus and frequently used features. It also has a live support chat window and an online knowledge base that can be searched for any questions. The company also offers webinars that walk users through its software.

Tookan’s system consists of a web-based management dashboard and a free mobile app. It also integrates with select point-of-sale systems and eCommerce platforms. To learn more about Tookan, take a free 14-day trial today.

Users can access the management dashboard on any internet browser. Mobile apps are also available for iPhones and Android smartphones. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you’ve registered, Tookan can begin integrating with your business. If you’d like to add more features, you can purchase individually priced extensions and integrations.


Onfleet is one of the leading food delivery management systems for restaurants. It provides the most user-friendly and secure platform for managing and tracking deliveries. It uses a powerful route optimization engine that takes location, capacity, and time into account to create the most efficient route, while also sending updates to drivers in real-time. It also integrates with popular online store ordering systems and points of sale. This software also helps you handle payments for your deliveries.

Using Onfleet, United Supermarkets’ e-commerce manager Chris Farr has seen a dramatic reduction in fuel costs. In order to remain competitive, the food delivery industry had to adapt quickly. As a result, restaurants needed a reliable food delivery system that was easy to use and cost-effective.

Onfleet’s centralized software streamlines local deliveries, leaving companies free to focus on their core business. Its user-friendly dashboard-based software displays real-time service overlays and optimizes thousands of tasks across hundreds of drivers. It also gives drivers access to customer information and captures proof of delivery.

This software also enables businesses to track agents in real time and send real-time updates to their managers. The software also lets managers view driver performance metrics and manage routes. It also provides centralized dashboards for managing the entire delivery process. Ultimately, the software helps companies reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by facilitating end-to-end communication. With a single dashboard, managers can monitor orders, drivers, and vehicles. It also improves the efficiency of routes and vehicle utilization.


Using GSMtasks is an efficient way to automate tasks. The user creates an account and enters tasks with addresses, deadlines, and any other information that is needed to complete the task. Once completed, tasks are automatically sent to employees and completed automatically. These tasks are also optimized based on traveling distance and time.

The GSMtasks routing engine saves hours of manual planning. It can optimize fleet routes to ensure maximum capacity and minimize windshield time. It also offers digital proof of delivery for customers, including the option to add a photo. In addition, custom meta-fields help display additional information for employees in the field. It also offers the ability to send notifications to customers when an employee is on the way to make a delivery.


Clickoot is a web-based logistics delivery management system. Its customizable mobile and web apps help you manage your delivery partners and increase revenue. It allows you to track orders anywhere and provides real-time alerts. The Clickoot platform offers a wide range of features for all types of businesses.

The software helps you manage your food delivery routes, and reduces human intervention. It also offers real-time order tracking and minimizes customer complaints and feedback. Ultimately, this system will increase your customer satisfaction and build your restaurant’s reputation. Moreover, the Clickoot system can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

When shopping for a food delivery management system, you need to consider how many features it can offer your business. It should have features like a customizable menu, out-of-stock capabilities, and integrations. While not all food delivery platforms offer these features, you should look for them. A platform that integrates with other software can improve customer satisfaction and reduce device fatigue. If you are a large company, OnTime 360 is the best option. However, it can be pricey. For smaller businesses, GetSwift or Shipday are better choices.

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