different varieties of coffee

If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee, you know that different types and flavors exist. Specialty coffee is the term for the many kinds of coffee with unique tastes and characteristics. There are over 100 different varieties of coffee from around the world, but only a handful are widely available as specialty coffees. The rest of these beans are harder to find in your local grocery store or roaster. Specialty beans can cost more than standard blends because they’re rarer and more challenging to grow.

1. They’re More Flavorful

When you buy standard blended coffee, you’re often buying coffee that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months. On the other hand, specialty beans are usually roasted and shipped the same week. They’ve also been carefully selected and stored to stay fresh. This means you’ll get a much stronger flavor when you brew or make your coffee. You’ll be able to taste the rich notes of the beans and any unique flavorings that have been added. Specialty coffee is often blended in small batches to produce a balanced and complex flavor. This means that each cup you brew will be slightly different. These beans are usually more expensive, but you’ll find that you don’t need to use as much in your brew. This means that you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

2. They’re More Diverse

Specialty coffee beans come from around the world, and each region produces a different flavor. This means you’ll be able to experiment with different flavors and drinks. There are specialty beans that are roasted, fermented, and ground. Then some beans are roasted in different ways. And some are ground in different textures. The more diversity you have, the more exciting your cup of coffee can be. You can go from a light and fruity brew to a rich and complex espresso. You can also choose when to add milk or sugar since you’ll be able to taste the flavor of the coffee itself.

3. They Offer a Sense of Luxury and Quality

There’s nothing like the feeling of brewing high-quality coffee. You can take your time to decide how much you want to spend and where to buy the beans. Then you can use your carefully selected equipment to make the perfect cup of coffee. It’s a special ritual missing when you use a machine to make your coffee. You can choose your specialty beans and decide how to roast, grind, and brew them. There are also ways to enhance your brewing process to ensure you’re extracting the most flavor and richness from your beans. This is especially true if you’re using a pour-over or French press. Roasters have carefully selected the coffee beans. The beans’ flavor, acidity, and aroma have been tested and perfected.

4. They are Roasted Differently

Different roasters use different methods for roasting coffee beans. This means you’ll be able to taste the difference when you use other beans. Specialty coffee is roasted to a darker and less light than standard blends. This means that you’ll get more flavor from a darker roast. But this will also mean that the coffee will lose its flavor faster. You can also choose a lighter roast if you prefer a more delicate flavor. Since you’ll be able to taste the difference, you can try a few different roasts to find your favorite. There are many roasters out there that use different methods. Some are air roasters, while others use drum roasters. This means that each coffee will taste different depending on how it was roasted.

5. Beans From Specialty Roasters are Usually Fresher

Specialty coffee is not a blend of different beans. Instead, they’re made from beans that come from specific regions and have other flavor profiles. This means that the coffee beans from the same bag taste the same daily. You can choose the beans you want to drink for the day, week, or month. You’ll also know precisely when they were roasted, shipped, and delivered to your coffee shop or grocery store. This means that your beans will be as fresh as possible. You’ll be able to brew the best cup of coffee because you’ll have beans that are as fresh as possible.


The coffee beans are delicious, diverse, and make for a great experience. They’re more flavorful, more varied, offer a sense of luxury, and are fresher than standard blended coffee. There are wide different varieties of specialty beans that are roasted differently. These beans are also generally better than specialty roasters. Now is the perfect time to use these beans instead of the standard blends.

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