If you are someone who is hoping to have the best sneaker collection to date, or you are simply looking for a new pair of kicks after having the same pair for 5 years, you might be wondering what is still cool. Most predominantly in the fashion industry, we are seeing new evolving trends each year which include steering our fashion choices into all different directions and styles.

When it comes to shoes they are often viewed as the pièce de résistance of any outfit, and thankfully for those of us who value comfort over pain, trainers are now accepted in any type of setting. The most famous trainer brands have served us revolutionary looks time and time again, and you may be surprised to find some of the most timeless shoe brands in the world are still going strong. Here are our top picks of sneaker brands you shouldn’t be sleeping on:

Air Jordan 

Anyone who is anyone has seen the resurgence of Air Jordan’s popularity over the last 4 years. The Nike-owned brand was originally curated by Mr. Micheal Jordan himself for the basketball court, but since then we have seen revolutionary styles and collections from all over the world. They are a style staple for all streetwear, and minimalist outfit ensembles that you are hoping to jazz up. Keep in mind that due to their popularity, once the new collections of Air Jordans are released they are subjected to reseller’s pricing which is a larger percentage higher than the original. This in itself should highlight how desirable air jordans are.

New Balance 

If you are looking for a versatile shoe that you can either wear in the gym or for running errands, New Balance is a label you should look into. They are designed for comfort as well as breathability, and their range of colorways means there are styles for everyone. Even if the only time you run is for the bus, these performance shoes can look great for your daily activities, or they can even be dressed up for evenings hitting the bars. New balance’s popularity has primarily resurfaced due to their ability to match their product ranges to what is trendy, and with tonal, and nude colours being at the forefront of fashion, new balance has listened and delivered.


Nike has had a consistent trend of popularity since they were founded in 1964. They are not only sneaker veterans, but they are the driving force for the latest sports technology and overall fitness wear. They are a timeless trainer brand that you will never regret investing in. They have sneakers for all occasions, for pleasure, weight lifting, running, literally any activity that requires sneakers they have an answer to. If there is just one sneaker brand you should have in your locker, it should be this one.


If you are wondering whether people are still wearing converse sneakers, they are! And despite their recognizable style of Chuck Taylor all-star sneakers being their most popular product for years and years, not much has changed. Not many sneaker brands can proudly say that the same type of product has been exceptionally desirable for nearly a decade. The most innovative styles of converse include their platform designs that have been extremely popular with all shoe ranges. When trying to figure out your style and how to dress, Converse should come as a given.


If you are yet to see the range of shoes Asics offers, then you have been missing out. Asics is a Japanese corporation that produces sportswear of all kinds, and their running shoes are designed to last between 300-500 miles. Aside from their mileage durability, their futuristic designs are at the forefront of why people have loved them since their creation in 1977. Despite their consistent style of shoes, their imaginative colorways are the reason why so many people still wear these shoes today. They are definitely worth the purchase!


Nike’s biggest competitor Adidas makes timeless classics as current as possible with their retro colour variations and designs. Their iconic three stripes have been another image at the forefront of fashion, with the design priorities being running and comfort.

Final Thoughts 

This list of desirable sneakers may come as no surprise, as they are all household names that have had their time on the throne, interchangeably taking turns as the best brands to buy sneakers from. Your choice in sneakers should be the one that not only looks best to you but the brand that feels the best. Shoes will take us to so many places, therefore it is wise to invest in the very best out there.

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