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As winter is almost at the doors, people wish to bag amazing fashion clothing that can make them stand out. Winter fashion is considered to be more complicated as compared to summer. This is so because, unlike summer fashion, winter fashion has no vibrant colors to play around with. Some people simply can’t afford to wear smaller clothes on lighter textures because of the cold. Another issue with winter fashion is that winter only lasts a few months in some regions.

Good quality winter pieces can get expensive due to more fabric being used and thicker fabric. Due to this a lot of people refrain from investing too much in winter fashion items. But once you get a hold of it, there is nothing more fun and chic than winter fashion. Rosegal offers a wide selection of winter fashion items. Head on to their official website and indulge in some Rosegal shopping. While you’re at it, use these influencers as inspo! 


Ashley Rous, also known as Best-dressed on all social media apps, is a fashion influencer. She is known for her effortless fashion style and is highly sought after in her industry. She has often seen thrifting and repurposing clothes in her youtube videos. Her winter wardrobe is full of overcoats, oversized sweaters, leggings, etc. She is a great source of fashion inspiration as her outfits are not complicated or expensive. She likes to take basic pieces and style them innovatively. Ashley has been an inspiration for thousands of youngsters looking to get into fashion.

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She has an aura of relatability and belongingness that appeals to her followers. Ashley has been extremely candid with her followers about her financial, mental, and other struggles. She has collaborated with several brands in the past and has put out a plethora of fashion-related items. These range from jewelry to clothing and much more. Due to her style being simple and classic, it is very easy for any body type to emulate it. Rosegal can offer you a wide variety of clothes to spruce up your winter wardrobe. Bring out your inner best-dressed persona with Rosegal promo codes to save money. 

Summer Edwards:

Summer is a popular fashion influencer on Instagram. She often posts about her outfit of the day on her Instagram. Summer recently gained traction on TikTok and Instagram thanks to her immaculate sense of style. Her overall style is very Y2K inspired and she pulls it off well. She likes to incorporate a lot of early thousands of accessories as well. Summer likes to pair chunky sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, etc. with comparatively simpler outfits. This helps is striking a perfect balance in the outfit. Head on to Rosegal to pick and choose from the wide selection of winter fashion items. Avail of the Rosegal discount codes and be a warm winter baddie on a budget. 

Madeleine White:

Madeleine is a British fashion influencer who gained popularity on TikTok. Her main work is to create fashion-related content on the internet. She provides fashion inspiration to millions of her followers on different platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. The most popular of her works include her short videos where she builds an outfit. Madeleine enjoys wearing hyper-feminine clothes even in the dead of winter. She often teaches her followers the ways to layer properly and make any outfit winter-friendly. Rosegal is a great outlet to shop winter fashion in the plus-sizes. Check out the official Rosegal website and do not forget to use the Rosegal coupon codes

Yolande Macon:

Yolande is a plus-size fashion influencer on Instagram and other social media apps. She has a very feminine sense of personal style. Beautiful dresses and skirts are both worn by her in the most unique manner. Yolande also enjoys wearing a lot of jewelry and knows exactly how to layer properly. She has also never shied away from body positivity and spreading the message of fashion transcending body types. With her fashion sense, Yolande has proven time and time again that body type is never a hurdle. She is widely loved in the plus-size fashion community, understandably so.

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Her winter fashion includes a lot of thick fabrics like tweed and wool. Yolande loves rocking a crips overcoat with delicate jewelry, which balances everything out. People can channel their inner fashion freak and Rosegal is the place to go. It offers an assortment of good quality plus-size clothes at affordable prices. Check out the Rosegals offers and save a pretty penny while looking bomb this holiday season. 

Lara Adkins:

Lara gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown for her fashion content. She first started posting on TikTok indulging in the Y2K trend with her sister and friends. She is usually seen building fashionable outfits with her pre-existing wardrobe and pushes the message of sustainability. Lara is especially a fan of feathers and feather mufflers. Feather mufflers can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe because of how warm they are. Head on to the official Rosegal website and buy the best plus-size winter fashion. Avail of the LovelyWholesale codes and save extra money while being on your A game, fashion-wise.

Winter is the best time to find your style thanks to the rich fabrics, silhouettes, and layering. If one layer is correct, it feels like one is wrapped in a warm blanket at all times. The two most happening festivals, Christmas and New Year, are approaching too. It is the time when the highest number of parties are happening. This is why immaculate winter fashion is extremely important.

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Let Rosegal hold your hand and lead you onto your winter fashion journey this holiday season. Rosegal offers some of the most fashionably forward clothes in larger sizes as well. It is bringing about a revolution in online plus-size shopping these days. Check out Rosegal’s diverse collection of fashion items on the official website. Do not forget to use Rosegal deals so that you don’t derail your budget for the holidays

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