Modern wedding rose garland for wedding

Trying to find a modern wedding rose garland for a wedding can be tricky. This is a traditional Indian ritual that does not always lend itself to modernity.

The garland is integral to a traditional Indian wedding – in earlier times, the garland was more simple, but today, there has been evolution from simple to ornate ones.

Garlands are an integral part of Indian weddings and have evolved alongside changing fashion trends. Artificial garlands are useful for use in outdoor ceremony, where fresh flowers are difficult to find.

Favors for the modern wedding

For weddings, if you want the flowers to match your wedding attire or your theme has pink, then the best combinations are a mix of rose and blooms. These flowers look simple yet elegant and match the bride’s and groom’s wedding attire.

Rose garland for weddings

Jasmine flowers are used at many Indian weddings, and make a pretty garland with green fillers. Jasmine flowers smell great and give a refreshing aura for the wedding couple.

Lilies for Spring Wedding

You can use orchids as a wedding garland to tie together your look. These are perfect for modern weddings with a clean, elegant look. You can also choose the color to match your attire.

Simplify your wedding decor with a modern rose garland

If you want to keep it simple, tulsi is a good choice as the garland material. Tulsi is known for its purity and can be used in marrying rituals as well.

Creating a modern wedding rose garland

Rose petals are an iconic sign of love, often used in wedding ceremonies. They can be spread on the floor or around a table setting, or made into a garland to adorn the bride’s bouquet. There are different colors available to match personal preferences and tie into the wedding’s theme.

Unique floral garland for weddings

Lotus blooms make a sweetly smell good and they represent strength. Lilies grow as well, but they don’t have a strong smell that is pleasant, aside from looking beautiful with their flowers.

Garland With Compliments

For those who thought garlands must be made with flowers, that is not the case. You can also make garlands with shells, accessories, and other materials. The flowers you choose will be decorated with accessories in various colors. A string of pearls can do wonders for your string garland and make it very unique.

Perfect garland for weddings

Many people dislike fresh flowers because of various reasons. However, you can still buy a garland that looks great and does not require fresh flowers. Artificial garlands are available in various colors and designs, and they usually look elegant.

So, with an affordable range of options available in the market, you will be able to create the perfect wedding garland. For more insight into travel to India and its traditions have a look at the Travel Channel on Roku.

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