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Gentlemen, now we’re going to share with you 5 fashion ideas for men that most guys are unaware of.

You probably already know how to dress to attract ladies by buying clothing that fit well and investing a little money in your wardrobe (among other things),

But what you probably don’t realize is that there are six simple tactics you can do with your clothes to take your wardrobe to the next level and make girls glance twice when you pass by. They’re small adjustments that have a big influence on how women see you.

And, because we don’t want you to undo all of your hard work with a single blunder, we’ll reveal a major one at the end of this video, so stay tuned.

For the time being, let’s focus on the 5 fashion ideas for guys that females like and that you definitely don’t want to overlook.

Guaranteed to work: 5 Fashion Tips For Men That Girls Love! – Show Off Your Skillsets

When you think about it, we (humans) are animals, just like the rest of the world’s creatures. And, like the rest of the world’s creatures, we (humans) have innate inclinations that we can’t control no matter how hard we try.

And it’s because of those impulses that you can’t help but stare at a lovely girl as she goes by… You’re acting on a natural instinct to… well… ensure your species’ existence…

And here’s the thing: it’s something that everyone does instinctively, even if they aren’t aware of it or don’t want to admit it… Women are included in this.

So, gentlemen, we’re just as interested in butts as you are. Our garments, on the other hand, are designed to be snug, making it easier for us to strut our stuff for you…

If you want to offer us something to look at, though, you’ll have to spend a little money on a professional tailor…

That’s correct. When a man can fill out his jeans, it’s one of the things that women find appealing. Most men won’t be able to do so until they get their suits fitted.

That’s because men’s pants are designed to fit a conventional size and form, yet each man is a different size and shape. Even if your trousers are nearly ideal, a tailor can improve their fit to show off your behind and allow you to boldly strut your thing in front of all the girls.

4. Don’t Dress For Your Dog

If you’ve ever had a dog, you’re well aware that they are among the most devoted creatures on the world.

They don’t care if you have horrible table manners, they don’t mind if you let out a large and healthy fart, and you may wear whatever you want in public and they won’t condemn you… Dogs are ecstatic that you exist.

Now, before you give up on dating and buy a puppy that will love you unconditionally, consider the following: Dogs are one of the few things that automatically increase your attractiveness to women, therefore giving up on dating would be a waste of a good dog.

But, no matter how much love I’ve been showering on our canine companions, there’s one major flaw with them: they only view the world in yellow, blue, and gray.

This implies that no matter how you look, when you ask your dog how you look before you go out, he’ll wag his tail and grin at you. His favorite person is, after all, dressed in his three favorite colors!

And, if you look in your closet right now, you’ll probably see that, if you’re like most males, you wear those three hues all the time since they’re some of the only colors you possess.

So, boys, here’s the deal: Girls adore it when males look dapper in your standard gray, black, or blue suit… However, every man does it.

So, try one of the men’s fashion suggestions and add some bright, showy color to your clothing.

Color in clothes is a terrific way to convey the bright side of your personality, and it may help you create fresh outfits with what you currently have.

Bright colors also make you more visible to ladies, similar to how the bird with the brightest plumage attracts the most ladybirds.

So go ahead and add a splash of color to your closet. Even a Hawaiian shirt will serve you well. Your dog won’t be able to tell the difference… Girls, on the other hand, will.

3. Hold It Together!

Your hair has the capacity to make whatever you’re wearing stand out, even if it doesn’t connect directly with it.

Consider all of the male performers in the Marvel flicks… They’re dressed to impress as they walk the red carpet, and their hair is always combed, clean, and held in place with a superb hair product.

Sure, they’d still look ridiculously attractive if they stepped out of their limousines with bed heads, but since you’re not famous or as handsome as the world’s most handsome men, you’ll have to style your hair to match your manly attire if you want to have the same effect on women as those guys do on their worst days.

Even the most elegant clothing may be ruined by a terrible hairstyle…

Use a premium styling product, such as Mack For Men’s ShapeShifter Pomade, to keep that mop-top in place.

The ShapeShifter by Mack For Men will help you tame your unruly mane.

Plus, they don’t use chemicals you can’t pronounce like Diazolidinyl Urea, Chlorphenesin, or Steartrimonium Chloride in their goods…

Instead, they’re formulated with organic components like Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, and Argan Oil, each having its own set of qualities and benefits that help keep your hair looking great while also preserving it.

Mack For Men, like us at Intelligence, believes that you should be able to have the hair you want without having to spend a fortune to get it.

2. Tie It All Together!

We want you to seem gentlemanly at Intelligence, which is why we regularly advise you that dressing properly is one of the strategies to getting females to chase you.

And when we say dress nicely, we mean that if you want to turn attention, you should almost always wear something semi-formal.

A button-down shirt and good pants, along with some sharp dress shoes that match your belt and wristwatch.

But, in general, if you want to impress a female when you leave the house, you should avoid wearing a t-shirt.

With your “Who farted?” shirt, you’re hardly going to wow anyone. Plus, that one clothing trick that females like won’t work with that style of top.

This is because the idea is to just wear a tie – even if you don’t have to.

Consider this… For more formal events, most men wear a tie.

So, if you wear a tie for everyday activities like going out for drinks with friends or dashing to the store, you’re going to seem fairly formal.

So if a female sees you going grocery shopping dressed up as a gentleman with a fancy tie and everything, she’ll think you’re a jerk.

Her first impression of you is that you have your act together and are someone she wants to learn more about.

Dressing good on its own may have the same impact, but adding a necktie to the mix can truly bring your ensemble together.

Particularly given the variety of designs, patterns, colors, and methods to knot them. The options are limitless.

1. Take Off The Top

Summer has arrived… Or maybe it’s just around the corner… Or it might have just gone by… It depends on when you’re seeing this, I suppose…

In any event, this is the single occasion you won’t be able to utilize the clothes method to make a lady fall in love with you. That’s because it’s just too hot to wear a top layer of clothes that can be removed, such as a badass jacket or flannel.

However, if there’s a risk of colder weather, having a detachable top layer will help not just you, but also any girl you find yourself spending time with since, let’s face it… She’s going to become chilly at some time.

We girls often struggle to strike a balance between gorgeous attire and practicality, so we’re always glad when a guy lends us his jacket when we’re attempting to remain warm by emptying our bodies’ fat stores.

So, unless it’s the dog days of heat, always have a top layer that can be removed. You never know when you might need it.

Now that you’ve watched the movie to the conclusion, it’s time to learn how to do your laundry.

Yes, too many males don’t grasp that your laundry should be done in a matter of hours, not days.

Make sure you remain on top of it if you want to know how to make any female fall in love with you.

Also, we have posed a question to which we discovered the solution. Boxer briefs, notably solid colored boxer briefs, are the way to go if you’re a guy seeking to turn on your wife, girlfriend, or lady-friend with underwear. Clearly, women like men’s boxer briefs – they are by far the most attractive and sexy best underwear for men.

Or, depending on the time of day, you’ve done The Dance of the Lost Socks and transferred your pile from your bed to your desk chair and back. Or perhaps you’ve hurriedly ironed an outfit only minutes before you need to leave the house.

The bottom line is that the longer you put off doing your clothes, the more difficult it will be to get ready in the morning.

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