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Brief About The Moldavite 

Moldavite is one of the most unique and ancient stones that belongs to the tektite family. It is a type of natural glass that rates between 5.5 to7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a gem, ranging from dark forest green to pale olive green in color, which is cherished in the stone world. It is believed that the Moldavite stone was created from an impact of a meteoroid that occurred 15 million years ago. Currently, the Czech Republic is the primary source of the Moldavite stone. 

A real Moldavite could be identified by various points like its color, shape, price per gram, shining, etc. Moldavite is always asymmetrical and precious in monetary terms. A real Moldavite does not have glassy radiance though it comes in glassy nature; it will appear flat and earthy rather than silk and wet.

Hidden Powers Of Moldavite Stone  

  • It is a magical gem with Metaphysical properties, which makes it highly wanted by every gem enthusiast as it makes people more energetic towards their life goals.
  • Moldavite helps balance the life cycle of the wearer, giving the best direction to achieve targets. 
  • It helps maintain the heart chakra of the human body, which is essential for uplifting the wearer’s life. In addition, it also opens up the third eye chakra of the human body, which can cause an increase the physical abilities, develop new ideas, and ascend towards the spiritual path.
  • Moldavite stone helps solve the wearer’s mental problems like stress, depression, overthinking, and calm. It is also known to stimulate love and respect from people around you.
  •  It boosts confidence and brings good fortune to its wearer and the holder. Moldavite helps to rediscover the actual capabilities of oneself to how can they use their inner abilities in the right way to achieve valuable targets.

What Is The Use Of Moldavite Stone In Life? 

Every gemstone is used according to its specialty in human life. Generally, Moldavite stone is not associated with any particular zodiac sign, and it is believed that it is the lucky birthstone for those who are born during springtime. It is a crystal containing a lot of enchanting healing and metaphysical benefits. Moldavite stone is used to manufacture jewelry accessories like Moldavite ring, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and many more. 

How Can We Use Moldavite Stone? 

After knowing the several attractive benefits of Moldavite stone, now the question is, how could it be used to grab its benefits in a significant manner?

Moldavite mines in an amorphous shape in initial phases, so it passes through many stages to get it into a particular condition, so it can be used in designing Moldavite jewelry accessories. Generally, Moldavite stone is set into sterling silver metal, making the best combination of silver and stone, but it can also be used with gold metal. It depends on the wearer’s choice of which metal they like. So if someone wants to enjoy its healing and metaphysical benefits, they can buy any Moldavite jewelry. Still, if someone does not like to wear jewelry, they can put a Moldavite stone into their pocket. In addition, this stone can also be used while meditating to get spiritual benefits. 

Moldavite is a gem from the tektite family, ranging from forest green to olive green in color. It is believed that Moldavite are originated from an asteroid impact that occurred 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic, and it is the primary and the only source of finding Moldavite. The magical gem is mainly used to manufacture Moldavite jewelry, including rings, pendants and necklaces. The wearer can grab the healing and spiritual benefits by wearing Moldavite Jewelry. It keeps away the wearer from all types of negative energies and makes self-reliable. The mystical gem is generally set into sterling silver metal so the wearer can enjoy the benefits of both silver and Moldavite.  

How To Find a Genuine Moldavite 

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