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There are always codes and rules about a particular outfit or gear allowed to wear during any sports tournament. There are strict guidelines regarding jerseys and costumes, ever wondered why?

What you wear while performing in any sport has particular specifications that need to be followed strictly, because your clothes play a vital role in your performance.

For instance, in 2010, polyurethane made full body swimsuits were banned as top athletes complained about the advantages they offer the wearer. That’s a clear example of how sportswear can extend the ease or advantage for the sportsman for any particular sport.

This is not the only case, many instances we can recall where someone has been called back because of costume malfunctioning, or went through fines. Jerseys and gears are not a symbol of game, or team they mean more to players and their performance thus always fall under restrictions and norms.

Here are some better explanations of how it works.

1.   Comfort

Every jersey or sportswear is designed as per the needs of the player’s body. Every sport differs in terms of physical movement and body functions. Such as a track and field athlete has to wear trunk shorts and sleeveless t-shirts to promote their ease of running with better comfort. You can’t ask a cricketer to bat in a trunk shorts, or a track and field athlete to run in a cricket jersey. Why? Comfort, ease of movement.

Our body moves in different manners while performing different sports and exercises thus requiring different covers and clothes to provide the ease. Without the particular ease in our body. The sportswear is made up of special fibres that support your muscles as well as keeps you dry while extreme sweating and activities that make you sweat even more. These fibers keep your skin breathable, avoiding the wet sticky feel and leaves you dry, comfortable and energetic.

2.   Support

Every form of sports requires higher working of the body and muscles. This consists of so many physical processes in a sportsman’s body. Every particular muscle requires a particular amount of support while getting worked up or else may go through injuries. This builds the need of supported gear and clothing, every part differing from support requires a protective and supportive gear. Such as sports bra, and supporters for men, that particularly support tissues and parts of the body that are prone to injuries. Also the support stimulates recovery while muscle breakdown and injuries. Clothes as well are made of fibers that support the muscles in case of over working or strain.

3.   Protection

A sports kit always includes a number of protective gear for every particular part that requires protection or is prone to injuries. For instance you have noticed cricketers wearing leg pads, elbow and forearm protections, helmets and so many other gears, just to protect themselves. This just not protects them from injuries and avail them better performance health wise, but assures them psychologically to be fit and well protected. This boosts one’s confidence to perform better and unhindered by psychological fear. Similarly with F1 racers, since they drive at extreme speed they require protection for any possible damage physically and from the fear of damage mentally. An assured player that does not fear the speed of his own car or the ball thrown towards him is far more capable to perform better than others.

4.   Keeps You Ready

Clothes and gears have a deeper impact on one’s psychology than just outer look. People feel more confident while performing a speech or communicating to masses through a live stage when they feel attractive, attentive and ready by the look. They are assured with their presentable attire in front of a large audience that they are looking worth grabbing the attention. Similarly, while being on the track a racer feels more prepared with all the gears and clothes done as properly as required to and supposed to be worn. This makes them better prepared mentally, make them feel presentable and ready to perform their best. Things that we look at on the outer surface always have a deeper impact on our psychology.

Concluding it we know that sportswear and gears have an impact on the performance of the athlete in many ways. Since sports requires extreme physical activities it requires everything that you can or are wearing to be in the rules to keep you safe and game as fair as others. So we have decided and strictly assigned jerseys for everyone. Author Bio: Ally is the founder and owner of SCHAAD Active. She always wants to make everyone feel good about their body and themselves. Ally loves fitness, nature and seeing the beauty in all things. Join her and help her bring the love of Persian culture and high end activewear into your life as well.

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