Jungle Drawing
How to Draw A Jungle. Our planet Earth is filled with many distinctive biomes and environments. From scorching deserts to frozen tundras, there is much ecological diversity to explore. Also check our Unicorn Coloring Pages. One of the most vibrant of these environments would be the lush jungle found in many places on the planet. These jungles are teeming with vibrant plant and animal life, and some of them stretch for great distances. Learning to draw a jungle is the best way to create your jungle paradise!

How to Draw A Jungle

Step 1

Jungles typically have a dense canopy of treetops that can be so thick that it becomes difficult to see the sun or sky through. We’ll start drawing this canopy in this first step of our how-to-draw jungle guide. To do this, we’ll outline the top of the tree, which we’ll create using some irregular lines. Each of the bumps in these lines has a slightly rounded tip. As shown in the reference image, multiple sections of these canopies connect. Once you’ve drawn the treetops, you can move on to the second step of the tutorial!

Step 2

You’ve drawn the canopy for this jungle and are now ready to add more detail to the trees in your jungle drawing for this step. To do this, we draw a large tree trunk on the right side of the drawing. You can do this by drawing some rounded lines to create the T-shape of the trunk. Then there will also be a thick, twisted vine twisting around the tree. There will also be another branch on the left extending into the top of the tree, and it, too, will have a vine around it. You can finally finish by drawing rougher lines for more canopy in the background.

Step 3

In this step of our how to draw a jungle guide, we will add more to the jungle terrain by adding some details to the trees you have already drawn. First, use some rougher lines, similar to the ones you used for the tree’s leaves, to create some bushes in the background. Then you can add some lines and other small details on the bark of the trees to make them more textured and realistic. Finally, you can add some small leaves on the vines that twine around the trees to make them more dynamic.

Step 4

We’ll add more plants and other details to the image as you continue with your jungle drawing. In this step, we will mainly focus on the image’s foreground, and you can start drawing some big leaves on the left side. To draw these leaves, use curved lines with sharp points at the ends and add some veins. Next, we’ll use some sharp, jagged lines for the tuft of grass on the right side of the image. Then you are ready for the final details in the next step!

Step 5

In this fifth step of our how to draw a jungle guide, you’ll finish with some final touches to finish it off before adding some colour.
Draw A Jungle
First, we’ll add more detail to the vines that wrap around the trees to make them look more textured. To do this, add some small curved lines on the vines and draw some small dots between those lines. Next, let’s add some lines on the jungle terrain. Once these are drawn, you are ready for the final step! Before we continue, there is a lot you could add to personalize this image. Jungles are full of life, so that you can draw some details in your drawings, like tropical parrots, jaguars or monkeys, and many more.

Step 6

You are now ready to complete this jungle design by adding some awesome colours!
Jungle Drawing
To colour our example image, we used shades of green and blue for the leaves, grass, and other jungle elements. By using as many shades of your colour scheme as possible, you can give your jungle a more dynamic look and make it look even lusher. You can also help create this vibrant look with whatever artistic means you choose. You can use image mediums like acrylic paints and watercolours or some markers and coloured pencils for some ideas. Your Jungle Drawing is Finished!

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