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These days online tutoring service has become a norm. Students can make their lives better with the help of online classes. After all, online tuition in the Middle East does not require them to step outside for guidance. 

Online education has simplified the learning experience of students. Now, they have become more informed and well-versed in the basis of their subject. The credit owes to online learning in UAE. 

As we know, there are not one but many online education platforms in UAE. However, the learning experience of a student will become better only after choosing the best.

So, we have a list of platforms that offer top online tutoring services in the UAE.

Top 5 online Tutoring in the Middle East

If you are desirous of choosing the best education platform, you can pick one of these.

Ziyyara ranks number one in tuition for the CBSE board in UAE. It has a well-experienced staff that supports children throughout their learning journey. This online tutoring platform in UAE is nothing less than a revolution in children’s lives.

There are several things about Ziyyara that make it a preferable learning platform. A student can find the best resources for tuition for the CBSE board at Ziyyara.

In addition, the following reasons explain why this education platform should be any student’s choice.


Online tutoring platform in UAE is known only for their flexibility. If a student can enjoy flexible learning, he/she gets naturally drawn toward education. 

This education platform supports flexible learning so that a student can learn from anywhere. You can choose your preferred learning hours when enrolling for online tuition in Dubai and elsewhere.


The greatest benefit of learning with Ziyyara is that they offer affordable education. Students can learn from the best faculty at a very reasonable price. Unlike other platforms, it seeks to offer quality to students without charging hefty fees.

Best Resources

Another reason that makes learning with this platform compelling is the quality of resources. The tutors teach you with enthusiasm and also offer access to plenty of resources. Tuition for the CBSE board in UAE allows you to use hundreds of educational resources.

Interactive Sessions

Online maths tuition in UAE requires a student to have an interactive session. It holds for not only maths but other subjects also. One-on-one interactive sessions are the characteristic feature of this education platform. Students can feel relieved that the tutor will subside all their doubts.

Personalized Attention

Ziyyara has done away with the fear of missing out. Mostly, students fear that they might not score high marks in exams. It happens because they crave personalized learning experiences from tutors. 

CBSE online tuition in UAE will ensure that you have all the attention of your tutor. Since you and the tutor are the only two people in the session, they focus on you. Besides, all their tutors are highly qualified. So, you can rest assured that you will score the best marks as you will have core knowledge.

Freedom to Ask Questions

Tutors at Ziyyara offer students the freedom to ask questions. If students face any problems or doubts while learning, they can clarify them with their tutor. 

Thus, these reasons explain why CBSE online tutoring platform in UAE is the best at Ziyyara. This education platform stands at number one because of all the benefits it offers.

Tutor doctor

Online tutoring services in Dubai are one of the best at Tutor Doctor. This education platform connects students with the best tutors. Thus, they can fulfill their educational needs and do well in exams.

Here are some reasons that explain why Tutor Doctor could be the platform that you need.

Expert Guidance

Just like other education platforms, Tutor Doctor also excels in connecting students with the best tutors. They have a team of experts who enhance your learning experience.

Better Conceptual Knowledge

Students need to have better conceptual knowledge to help them score well in exams. CBSE maths tuition in Abu Dhabi is the best at Tutor Doctor. They ensure that you clear your basics, paving the way for high scores.

Variety of Courses

Maths tuition in Dubai at Tutor Doctor has a wide range of courses. A student can choose a befitting course and learn with the best tutors.


Tutor Eye is known for its best online tutoring in Dubai. This platform focuses on enhancing the overall well-being of students. Students can learn with more enthusiasm with their tutors at Tutor Eye.

The reasons for choosing Tutor Eye are as follows:


Tutor Eye offers affordable educational services to students. So, if you need a platform that fits your needs in the budget, this is it.

Vast Educational Content

Students can access a wide range of educational content at online tuition in UAE with Tutor Eye.

Great Learning Experience

Students who learn at Tutor Eye have a great learning experience. Like all tutors, tutors here focus on helping you grab the core concepts. When you learn with heart, scoring high marks is not a far-sighted dream.


This online education platform offers the best of all to students. They can unlock the experience of having well-managed lessons from the best tutors. Online tutoring platforms in UAE with Tutor Hunt can be any student’s best experience.

The reason includes:

Interactive Whiteboard Sessions

Students who learn with Tutor Hunt can avail themselves of the benefit of interactive sessions. Maths tuition in Dubai for CBSE becomes better when you learn with the help of a whiteboard.

Best tutors

Tutor Hunt chooses only those tutors who are best at what they do. So, when you learn from this platform, you can rest assured that you will get the best.


Learning at Tutor Hunt is available for students at a very affordable price.


Students can pick Class of Choice as the best of all online tutoring services in the United Arab Emirates. They offer you world-class tutors and also the flexibility to learn as and when you desire.

Some reasons that explain why Class of Choice is the best fit for you are mentioned below:

Personalized Lecture

Online tutoring in Dubai with Class of Choice allows you to get Personalized lectures.

Live Classes

Students have a better learning experience on this platform because of the live classes. You can learn the concepts face-to-face from your tutor. Besides, if any doubt entails, you can clarify it on the spot.

Expert Tutors

Class of Choice Connects students with well-deserved and experienced tutors.

Final words

Although, online classes are now becoming easy to access using technology and all student needs it. Because it makes any student’s learning experience better. All these platforms seek to build your core concepts so that learning never gets tough for you.

You can choose one of these 5 platforms and enjoy their classic services. All of these platforms offer affordable education and are at par with the quality standards. They have prompt support to avoid you from facing any issues while learning.

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