As you know, all educational institutions are closed because students cannot learn properly in this pandemic. That’s why here we offer you different online Islamic courses. So now you can easily learn the Quran just sitting at home without any hindrance. This way you can follow all the steps.

The real importance of learning the online Quran is that today’s children know nothing about the teachings of Islam. They are moving away from Islam day by day. As we all know, the Quran is the book where Almighty Allah has given us the perfect code of life. The best education in this world is learning the Quran and it is compulsory for all Muslims.

 In today’s world, online teaching of the Quran is becoming an important way to convey the core message of the Quran to the masses. Online Quran courses for your children are a way to ensure that your child is brought up in the right Islamic spirit.

How we offer our services;

We offer online classes with correct Tajweed rules via Skype. Our main goal is to teach the Quran to our students with proper punctuation. All you need is a mobile phone/laptop and a good internet connection

Why should you come here?

 Here are a few reasons why you should attend our courses. We offer our new members a free 5-day trial to ensure they are completely satisfied. After you have taken the courses online, you can choose to attend our classes or leave them if you are not satisfied.

We have a professional staff of Islamic scholars who are experts in their field. They are very knowledgeable about the topics they cover. This way you are not limited to Islamic scholars close to home. Here you will find highly qualified teachers from all over the world.

 Because we offer our students 1-1 online lessons, every student gets the attention they need and can learn and develop easily this way.

Safe for Children;

Learning the Quran at home is safe for your children. You can prevent traffic accidents that may happen while sending your child to a mosque or an Islamic school. You can easily monitor your child’s online lessons and see their progress.

How are our lessons taught?

Our classes are held 24/7 so everyone can easily attend. Anyone from any country can join our courses. You can attend the class according to your free time and it is easy for you to attend the classes. So there is no time limit for anyone.

There are many websites where you can learn the Holy Quran. But our website is better because we offer you free 5-day online trials, personalized live lessons for our students and professional faculty members. We also offer flexible working hours. So what are you waiting to Join now?

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