GRE and GMAT are standardised tests commonly taken by students looking to enrol in business programs. It is a straightforward thing that if you want to enrol yourself in a business program, you should take the GMAT test. However, in recent years, many business schools worldwide have started accepting GRE scores as well for admission into their PhD programs. This has created massive confusion in the minds of students.

What are the differences between GRE and GMAT? Do business schools prefer the score of GMAT over the GRE? Should I take GRE or GMAT test? These are some of the questions that students are asking these days. Hence, keeping this in mind, in today’s post, we will discuss the key differences between these two tests. Before that, let’s explain them briefly.

What is a GMAT test?

GMAT is an acronym for Graduate Management Admissions Test. It is a standardised computer-adaptive test (CAT), which is necessary to take if you want to study business programs at universities abroad. The scores gained in this test are required by most universities in the world as part of the application process. Yes, without clearing this test and scoring high, you cannot get admission to a business PhD programme.

What is the GRE test?

The GRE is an acronym for the Graduate Record Examination. It is a computer-delivered admission test that is necessary to take to secure admission to PhD programs. Many business schools in North America and Australia have started accepting this test for admission into their PhD programs. This test is adaptive by section, which means that your score in the previous section of the test influences the difficulty level of the next section.

Key differences between GRE and GMAT

After reading the information above, you have got a good idea of both tests and their delivery method. However, the main topic of today’s discussion is to choose between one test and explain which test is the right for PhD programs. This can only be explained if we go deep into these tests and explore their differences. Hence, a brief description of the key differences between the GRE and GMAT is as follows:

1. The difference in the sections

The first key difference between GMAT and GRE is the difference in the sections. GMAT has a total of four sections: Integrated Reasoning, Essay writing, Quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. On the other hand, the GRE has 6 sections. Its sections contain all the above four discussed sections. The difference is that there are two unscored research questions in GRE.

2. The difference in the verbal section

Both tests have a verbal section. In this section, questions about grammar and other things are asked. However, there is a difference in the nature of the questions asked in both tests. The GRE test’s vocabulary is very aggressive. The grammar-related questions are also tough. On the other hand, the number of verbal questions in the GMAT section is less than GRE and also easy. In the GMAT test, you also get 5 extra minutes to do this section.

3. The difference in the Quant section

Another key element that differentiates the GRE and GMAT tests is the quant section. The quant section of the GMAT is very challenging. It is aimed at testing your problem-solving skills, and the data-sufficiency questions are the most challenging to solve. In contrast, the GRE’s quant section is relatively easy. Moreover, the GRE test allows you to use the calculator, which GMAT does not.

4. The difference in analytical writing

Analytical writing is found in both tests. The GRE and GMAT tests require the candidates to write essays on the given topics. The difference here is that the GMAT only asks for one analytical writing, which you have to complete in 30 minutes. On the other hand, GRE has two analytical writing sections, and you have to complete both sections in 60 minutes.

Which test should you go for?

As you can see after reading the information above, the verbal section of the GRE is tough, and it also requires you to write two analytical essays on two different topics. However, this is not the case with the GMAT test. Based on these, for your PhD in business, you should go for Graduate Management Admissions Test, i.e., GMAT. However, if you need some more information on the differences or need to get more insights into GRE and GMAT tests to decide, you can always turn to any admission essay writing service.


Conclusively, GRE and GMAT are two different computer-based tests. They are aimed at assessing the student’s ability to join a business PhD program. In our view, if you are going for a PhD degree in business, you should take the GMAT test. The reason is that it is more focused on this side and relatively easier to attempt than GRE.

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