Total CA Registration Fees

You can find all the relevant details if you are looking for details about the CA Registration Fees. 

An idea of the Chartered Accountant Course Fees is essential because it can help you plan better. Moreover, registration is amongst the most essential and initial steps to be able to appear for the exam. Before appearing at any level, registration is mandatory.

So to give a brief overview of the ICAI registration fees, the total fee for all three levels is Rs. 87,300. However, the CA Course fee is Rs. 76,200 for the direct entry route. This fee consists of both registration and examination fees. Therefore, these expenditures do not include tuition and study resource fees since these vary per student. 

Read the complete article to have complete knowledge of the registration fees for all three levels of the CA course.

An Overview Of CA Registration Fees

The table below mentions the total fees for each level and in the next subsequent we will offer a breakdown of fees for all the levels.

CA Course FeesIndian StudentForeign Student
CA Foundation₹9800$780
CA Intermediate (Single group)₹13000$600
CA Intermediate (Both groups)₹18000$1000
CA Intermediate (Direct Entry)₹34,400$1500
CA Final₹22000$1100

Now, let’s check what each level’s fee covers.

CA Foundation Registration Fees

So the first step towards becoming a Chartered Accountant is clearing the CA Foundation and then advancing to the next level. Hence, the total CA Foundation registration fees are as follows:

CA Foundation FeeRs (Indian Students)US$ (Foreign Students)
Cost of Foundation Prospectus₹ 200$ 20
CA Foundation Registration₹ 9000$ 700
Subscription Fees for Student’s Journal (Optional)₹ 200$ 20
Subscription Fees for Member’s Journal (Optional)₹ 400$ 40
Total CA Foundation Course Fees ₹ 9800$ 780

The Subscription Fees for Member’s Journal and  Student’s Journal is optional as indicated in the table. So at the time of registration, you need to pay Rs 9800 (including the optional fees) and pay Rs 1500 when filling out the exam form. 

CA Intermediate Registration Fees 

The CA, intermediate registration fee for a single group, is Rs 11,000, and for two groups, it is Rs 15,000. Moreover, through the Direct Entry scheme, one can enrol in all groups by paying Rs 15000.

Additionally, you must pay Rs. 2,000 for the student activity fees. Further, direct entry route students must pay the prospectus cost upon enrollment. The application costs for the CA Intermediate examination are 2700 for both groups and 1500 for a single group. However, direct admission students must pay Rs. 2700 to enrol in both groups. 

Moreover, CA Foundation students are exempt from paying journal fees, but direct entry students should pay Rs 200 for journal fees.

Before commencing an articleship and registering at the CA Intermediate level, learners must undertake the ICITSS program which also covers the total CA Registration Fees. Thus, it combines both an orientation session and information technology training.

The costs for these courses are as follows:

  • For the Information Technology Program, Rs. 6500
  • For the orientation program, Rs. 7000 
CA Intermediate FeesBoth Groups (₹)Single Group (₹)Both Groups ($)Single Group ($)
CA Intermediate Registration Fees₹ 15000₹ 11000$ 1000$ 600
Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate₹ 2000  
CA Intermediate Fees (as article assistant)₹ 1000   
Total CA Intermediate Fees₹ 18000₹ 13000$ 1000$ 600

CA Final Registration Fee

You can find the CA Final Registration fees for both groups as follows. Apart from that students must complete the AICITSS training during their articleship. So the training fees are as follows:

  • 7500/- for the Advanced Information Technology Program
  • 7000/- for Management and Communication Skills
CA Final FeesBoth GroupSingle GroupOverseas Students
CA Final Registration fees₹ 22000₹ 22000$ 1100
CA Final Exam Form fees₹ 3300₹ 1800$ 550
Total₹ 39800₹ 38300$ 1550

Total CA Course Fees For Five Years  

The overall CA course fee is Rs 87,300 for the foundation route, whereas the fee for the direct route is Rs 76,200, which includes the registration and exam form fees. So the following table provides a summary of the CA course fees.

CA Course feesIndian StudentForeigner Student
CA Foundation₹11,300$1105
CA Intermediate- Single Group₹28,000$925
CA Intermediate- Both Group₹34,200$1500
CA Intermediate- Direct Entry₹34,400$1500
Articleship Fee₹2,000 
CA Final₹39,800$1650

Candidates have to pay the above-mentioned fee online through the ICAI website. If any student does not have the option for online payment, then they can fill out their registration forms through cyber cafes.

They’ll pay the fees online and sometimes charge a minimal amount for the payment.


So this is all about the CA Registration Fees. If you are preparing for CA exams, then VSI Jaipur can help you kickstart your preparation. For more details, contact us. 

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