Why Queen’s University of Belfast Ranks Top Study Destination

Queen’s University of Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast, a Russell Group institution with a history spanning more than 175 years, combines excellence in research and education with a student-centered attitude. Every year, international students start their study abroad journey by researching a range of possibilities to determine which university best meets and advances their academic and personal goals.

Students usually think about a variety of things while looking at study abroad options, including the best university for their preferred discipline, tuition and living costs in the country or city where the university is located, and employment opportunities after graduation.

Why Queen’s University of Belfast?

In this blog, we’ll talk about the elements that made Queen’s University of Belfast a reputable option for students wishing to study in UK.

International students start their study abroad experience every year by looking into a variety of options in an effort to find the university that best suits and promotes their academic and personal goals.

Study Abroad Opportunities at Queen’s University of Belfast

Students frequently think about a variety of factors when searching for study abroad opportunities, such as the best university for their intended discipline, the tuition and living costs in the country or city where the university is located, the university’s employability after graduation, and a host of other factors.

This article explores elements that have contributed to Queen’s University of Belfast’s solid standing as a destination for students looking to continue their education abroad.

Degree Programs and Academic Subjects

You can choose from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes at Queen’s University Belfast, including those in accounting, economics, medicine, computer engineering, and architecture.

More than 3,000 international students attend QUB, coming from more than 80 different countries. In addition to the highly regarded fields of study, QUB offers a wide range of specialties and academic achievement.

According to recent statistics, 96% of current international students are satisfied with their professors’ subject-area knowledge, and 93% of the same students are satisfied with their lecturers’ teaching skills.

Top Ranked Courses at Queen’s University Belfast

One of the best universities in the UK and the entire world is Queen’s University Belfast.

The University is now ranked 200 in the world by Times Higher Education and 216 globally by QS in their respective 2023 world university rankings.

In the QS World Rankings by subject 2022, 15 disciplines at QUB are ranked in the top 200 globally and in the UK, including the following: English Language and Literature (51-100), Pharmacy and Pharmacology (51-100), Nursing (51-100), and Medicine (51-100). (151-200).

In addition to having a strong reputation abroad, Queen’s University Belfast is also highly regarded within the United Kingdom.

With 24 topics in the top 20 and 10 in the top 10, the university is placed 27th in the UK. In the UK, subjects like accounting and finance are ranked sixth, followed by chemical engineering (16th), mechanical engineering (20th), and electrical and electronic engineering (9th).

Tuition Cost

Despite having a reputation as a highly regarded institution worldwide, QUB is regarded as one of the UK’s most reasonably priced study abroad institutions.

At Queen’s University Belfast, annual tuition costs are £17,400 for the classroom-based level of study, £21400 for the laboratory-based level of study, and £32,200 for the pre-clinical/clinical level of study.

Each year, Queen’s University Belfast offers £1.5 million in scholarships to deserving, fee-paying international students. As a result, students who wish to pursue higher education abroad have a fantastic opportunity to benefit from scholarships and reduced tuition costs.

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