Imagine if the movie you were watching just ended midway and abruptly. Or the book you are reading has the last chapter missing. While these situations may sound frustrating to you, your teacher would get the same feeling while reading an essay with a conclusion. The conclusion is a very important part of your essay and something that gives closure to the reader.

Students who realize the importance of conclusions usually give the task to Dissertation Writing Service experts. Well, even if you are running out of time, here are all the reasons why you cannot skip the conclusion:

Reminder Of Thesis Statement

By the time the reader reaches the end of the main body, they might forget what the whole point was. The one thing that explains the entire point of the essay is the thesis statement. Now you cannot just mention the thesis statement randomly in the main body. Hence, you need to write the conclusion and start with the thesis statement to stress your main point.

Brings The Points Together

The main point of your essay is a lot like different pieces of a puzzle. When you are writing an essay, you will be elaborating on those points in the main body. However, a reader can get lost amongst all the explanations of your points, and hence you need to write a conclusion. A conclusion can help you summarize and bring together every point to show a better connection.

A Reminder Of The Importance

You may think the reader has realized the importance of your essay topic by now but that might be true.  There is a high chance that they might need some reminder of the relevance and importance of your topic. Hence, your essay conclusion serves to give them this very reminder.

A Sense Of Closure

Remember the examples we discussed at the beginning of this blog? Those situations are frustrating because the reader does not get any closure. You need to add the sense that your essay has come to an end by writing a conclusion. This is because you cannot leave the reader hanging – especially if it is your teacher because they might consider it incomplete.

Now that we have discussed what makes essay conclusions so important, let’s find the best way to write them!

Give Your Insights

We have already mentioned that you need to restate the thesis statement but there is another important thing in your conclusion. That crucial element is your insights, so present ideas that are beyond just the facts in your essays. Even a single interesting insight can leave the reader awestruck, and if that person is your teacher, you might get an A! However, make sure that your new insights are still relevant to the topic and mention the future implications.

A Personal Touch

Even if you are writing the most objective essay, the conclusion gives you space to add a personal touch. You should not only add your insights but also consider adding a small detail about yourself. This will help give your essay a human touch and help you form a bond with your reader. So go ahead and make the conclusion your opportunity to connect your essay to yourself and your personal life. Furthermore, use personal pronouns in the conclusion as long as it is relevant in some way.

Review Main Points Briefly

You must remember the example we used about concluding as if putting together the pieces of a puzzle. As you mention all the important points in your essay, remember to keep them brief. However, the conclusion isn’t just about summarizing your essay, even a 5th grader can do that. Your conclusion requires you to make the points concise and bring them together in a way that they form a complete picture. This can show how each paragraph of your essay connects and forms a coherent image.

Discuss The Relevance

One of the best ways of wrapping up your essay is to remind the reader why this discussion was important in the first place. So step out of the tiny details, zoom out and consider the implications of your essay topic. If you have a hard time doing this, as yourself a few conclusions about your essay conclusion. How does it contribute to the knowledge of your topic and does it raise new questions? Are there any practical suggestions the reader can use or can be applied in different fields?

No New Ideas

Finally, this is something that you just cannot miss when it comes to writing the conclusion. Do not ever introduce a new idea or point in the conclusion apart from what you have already mentioned. This is because the conclusion will not give you enough space to elaborate on that point and the reader will be left confused. Hence, this is a strict rule in any kind of writing that you can only introduce your ideas in the main body and summarize them in the conclusion.

The Structure

The best way you can start the conclusion paragraph is to restate your thesis statement before anything else. The next 2 to 4 sentences should summarize all the main points as briefly as possible. Moreover, you need to write them in an organized way so that each point connects with the previous and coming points. Finally, the concluding sentence should give your reader a sense of closure that they feel relieved and don’t feel like any information was missing.

Wrapping Up

It can be hard to finish essays when you have to write the introduction, the main body, and then the conclusion too. Although all these formalities might make you groan conclusions are super important for any essay. Hence, if you have ever wondered how to write a conclusion or how to improve it, there you have it. These tips can help you nail your conclusion without spending too much time on it. Now that you have almost finished reading this blog, we are sure you won’t need any essay help online.

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