Your dissertation is one of the most important assignments that you will do at your university. It shares a significant weightage in your overall grade. Hence, you must write a really good dissertation. Make sure you focus on the dissertation and always give a significant amount to every section.

To be able to write the dissertation properly in a specific time, you will need to break down the sections and give an estimated amount of time to each one of them. In a dissertation, the discussion is an essential component where you discuss the results and discuss them in context with the other research in the field. However, if you are a student and struggling with your dissertation then you can ask us for dissertation help online and our expert writers will be there to serve you.

How to Write an Effective Discussion Section for Your Dissertation

The discussion section discusses the meaning, importance, and relevance of your findings and result. It should explain and evaluate your findings and show the relevance to the literature review while making an argument in support of your conclusion. There are certain key elements that you should keep in mind while you will be writing your discussion section. Before that, we will discuss what you will include in your discussion section.

What to Include in the Discussion Section

Some research has results and discussion sections combined in one section while some have different sections for both of them. It usually depends on the university standards or the type of study you conducted which includes the nature of the study and methodology used. Hence, know about your university guidelines and expectations before starting to work.

The discussion section must include the meaning and importance of your results. It should discuss the significance in the context of other research in the field. Hence, here you have to evaluate and interpret your results to conclude. This will help you answer your research question and achieve your research aim. Thus, you will need to focus on your findings that are connected to the research problem. Also, make sure that you don’t spend your time and word count on the findings that are not relevant to the purpose of your research.

Moreover, don’t add new findings here. Only discuss what you have already included in the results. Hence, make sure that you are discussing what is already mentioned in the result section. Make your analysis based on the results already included. If you haven’t added the relevant findings in the result section then you need to go back to add them first. Also, if you are struggling with where to start then make a bullet list of the important findings. Also, make sure to revisit your research question and relate your discussion to it. This will enable you to write a great discussion while allowing you to structure your dissertation logically.

Key Elements to Focus on

Some of the essential components that you will need to include in your discussion section are as under.

Summarize your key findings

You should start your discussion by explaining your research problem and concisely summarizing your major findings. Make sure that you don’t repeat what you have already mentioned in the result section but make a clear statement that explains your research question. It should be 1 paragraph. Also, don’t be confused with your result and discussion section. Just make sure that your results sections should present your findings and results, while your discussion section should subjectively evaluate them.

Give your interpretations

Here you will tell your readers the meaning and significance of your findings. You will interpret and relate it to your research question and how it answers it. The interpretation of your findings will depend on the type of research that you do. However, some of the common data interpreting approaches are as under:

  • Recognizing correlations, patterns, and relationships between the data
  • Discuss if the results met your expectations or supported your hypotheses
  • Discuss your findings in context with the previous research
  • Explain the unanticipated results and evaluate their significance

Discuss the implications

While you have given your interpretations, also make sure to relate your results to the research and scholarly work that you have surveyed in the literature review. The discussion should elaborate on how your findings fit with existing knowledge, and what it contributes to the existing knowledge. Also, what are the consequences there for the theory and practice of your research findings?  Your aim should be to show your readers what your research has contributed, and why they should care.

Acknowledge the limitations

Even the best research has its limitations. You should acknowledge the limitations as they will show your credibility. The limitations are not just the errors, but a complete picture of what can and cannot be concluded from the study. Limitations might occur because of research design, specific methodological choices, or unexpected hindrances that occurred during the research process.

Share your recommendations

Recommendations assist other researchers in the future. Your recommendation will be based on the discussion of your results. However, you can make recommendations for practical implementation or further research. Sometimes, the recommendations are mentioned in the conclusion. Recommendations for further studies can lead directly to the limitations. Thus,  don’t just say that more studies should be done rather give explanations for how future work can build on areas that your research was unable to address.


There are certain things that you need to consider before writing a discussion section. It is one of the essential parts of the research where you analyze your results and relate them with the existing knowledge while answering your research question. Also, your discussion interprets the results and findings while drawing a conclusion. Also, Make recommendations for future research or practical implementation while stating and explaining your research limitation. However, if you are struggling to write your dissertation then we provide you dissertation writing services, feel free to connect with us and we will take care of your dissertation.

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