Peacefully flowing water sounds elegant, divine, and relaxing all at once. Since water sounds exert such a powerful relaxing effect on the mind, body, and soul, they have become popular. Even if you live far away from natural water sources, water feature installations are easy to obtain. The following ideas will help you manifest a few creative features in your yard if desired.

1. Install a Waterborne Fountain in Your Pond

Perhaps, you already own a home with an adjacent pond, but you want to add something extra. A pond fountain can be installed in nearly any pond, lake, or water. These high-powered jets spray fine mists into the air, scattering moisture.

An aerating model would be even more effective if your pond’s aeration has been lackluster lately. Since they aerate the water while in operation, they tackle two tasks simultaneously. On the other hand, aesthetics can be highlighted with a decorative model, augmenting your place’s appearance.

Typically, these are available in multiple configurations, like a 3-tier or Redwood pattern. Pumps and lights can be added to amplify the fountain’s effect and elegance further.

2. Create an Overflowing Pot Fountain

Building something would be cooler than buying it if you are a handy individual. Therefore, a simple overflowing pot is easier to construct by yourself than you think. After a fixture has been placed inside the pot, fill it with small river pebbles.

Then, turn on the faucet and wait until the water tips over the pot’s sides. This economical construction can be moved to a specific location after it has been built. However, you should slide a mat underneath it to catch spilled droplets. If you position it well in the garden, it can be a captivating focal point.

3. Carve Out a Lazy River Around Your Property

Even though it is a grander project, a lazy river will pay off over the years. Once you have excavated the ground around the house, pour concrete into the hollowed-out cavity. Finally, coat it with a pool liner and fill it with water.

The filled river should be erected with a built-in pump, or the current will stagnate. Nevertheless, a functional lazy river would elevate your home to the neighborhood’s pinnacle.

4. Place Decorative Sprinklers Around the Grounds

Assembling an above-ground sprinkler system will not take more than a handful of hours. On the contrary, digging one into the ground can take several weeks if done by hand. In many cases, homeowners neglect to arrange their sprinkler heads pleasingly. 

Putting them in a stylish pattern will be fun and captivate the neighbors. If you balance them with additional plants, the water will be put to great use.

5. Implement a Rustic Window Pane Water Feature

Purchase an antique window pane and make sure it is the type with textured glass when you are shopping. After purchasing it, place the bottom in a box filled to the brim with stones and pebble pieces. Coordinate the colors with the paint from the frame, amplifying the aesthetic appeal.

At the frame’s top, screw a perforated tube and surround it with wooden framing. Sliding a hose through the tube’s entrance should not be difficult, but be careful not to pierce its shell. Turn on the water and watch how it cascades down the window’s surface, gliding effortlessly.

6. Decorate the Garden With Bamboo Waterfall Basins

Bamboo is a particularly useful tree species, thanks to its unique properties. Since they are hollow naturally, they can be used as environmentally friendly tubing.

Affix one end of the bamboo to a spigot, turn it on, and watch the water flow. The other end should be arranged so the water can drop into an open pot or basket. 

Put uplights into the gravel-filled reservoir, illuminating the water basin from below at night. This spectacular arrangement will entrance passersby and visitors alike.

Installing Water Features in Residential Homes

A tranquil garden-based water feature will delight you each time you arrive home. Luckily, many of these items can be manifested by yourself without any outside help.

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