Fire safety

Fire safety is essential for workplace safety to protect and prevent loss of life and property destruction by fire. Proper fire safety plans reduce the risk of building damage and workplace injury caused by fire hazards.

The law demands business owners to take responsibility for developing fire safety plans for everyone’s safety.

Fire Safety in Australian Workplaces

In Australia, fire is given utmost importance. So, even small commercial properties are legally required to conduct fire inspections and testing of extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, and evacuation plans by experts.

Fire protection specialists are hired to conduct these inspections thoroughly and submit their reports and suggestions to address the issues and take measures to resolve them. Due to these inspections, here are some statistics released by Fire and Safety Australia regarding workplace fire safety that might surprise you.

  • Less than 50% of staff reported that they are confident in knowing what action to take in case of a fire hazard.
  • When tested, less than 25 per cent of the employees recalled the location of fire extinguishers.
  • >50 per cent of employees reported feeling confident after receiving training to operate a fire extinguisher
  • Just 13 per cent of the employees know various types of extinguishers and their functions.
  • More than 50 per cent of the employees dangerously handled a fire extinguisher.

Therefore, it can be said that fire training for employees is a significant obstacle for businesses that you must overcome to ensure their safety. These statistics can improve significantly with the help of a reputed fire protection specialist and the training they will give.

While this is one of the reasons for getting proper fire protection for your business, here are five more reasons to do the same.

5 Ways In Which Fire Protection Can Improve Your Company Safety

Preventing Fire Hazards:

The most obvious reason for getting fire protection is to prevent this particular hazard. While fire accidents are unpredictable, they can be prevented with the right fire protection plan. 

You can also avoid such accidents by removing flammable waste from the property. Also, conduct routine inspections of all your electronic equipment and electrical fixtures. This will weed out the faulty ones that can be replaced with new outlets.

With the help of a fire protection specialist, you can also install fire alarms and fire suppression systems in the office. Applying fireproof coatings to furniture surfaces and walls can control or prevent them from catching fire.

Life Safety:

Fire protection plans, as mentioned before, prevent loss of life in case a fire breaks out. Proper fire training for employees will prepare them for such situations and teach them life-saving skills that can come in handy during a fire hazard.

However, do not give the training yourself. Always entrust this job to an expert with experience. Employees will rest assured knowing they have the skills to avoid such accidents and handle a fire. Besides employee safety, fire protection also helps save your customers’ lives. 

Retaining Customer Trust:

Fire hazards, big or small, can disrupt your business operations for a few days, months, or indefinitely. This downtime affects not only your staff but also your customers. Customers cannot access your services or products, resulting in revenue loss. 

If you close operations indefinitely, your loyal customers will have to seek an alternative. They might not return by the time you are up and running again. A proper fire protection plan can help you avoid hassles and retain your customers, even if a fire breaks out. 

Protection Against Property Damage:

Besides revenue loss, property damage due to fire is a heavy financial blow to even big corporates. It is costly to start again and buy all the tools and equipment reduced to ash by the fire. A fire safety plan can reduce and prevent such damage and save money in the long run.

Insurance Claims:

As stated before, fire hazards are unpredictable. So, all companies these days take out insurance against fire damages to reduce financial damage. However, it might be challenging to get a good policy without a proper fire plan and equipment.

Most insurance companies ask for fire inspection proof when you submit property damage claims for fire. They do this to see if you have taken all the measures possible to prevent this accident. Failing to provide this will increase the chances of your claim getting rejected, and you might not get a policy in the first place.

In Conclusion:

No business owner wants anything untoward to happen to their company or staff. Getting a fire protection plan is the first step toward ensuring a safe work environment for everyone.

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