Sacyr can say that it no longer has any opinion against it. The value, which accumulates gains of 3.4% since its entry just a month ago in the portfolio , has a total of 12 purchase recommendations on the 13 analysis houses that follow the construction company.

Only Alantra keeps his advice neutral. Sacyr’s transformation into an infrastructure management company has returned the favor of the market.

Its shares are up almost 45% from the lows of last October and analysts estimate that it should still trade 39% above, to a target price of 2.94 euros.

The undisputed value that continues to bring profits to the portfolio is Cellnex Telecom . The company has marked a maximum after a historical maximum throughout the week and closes at 58.36 euros per share.

This represents a gain of 41.7% from its entry into the portfolio at 41.19 euros. However, last week elEconomista decided to place a profit protection stop at 55 euros, which could rise if the stock continues its upward trend to protect profits.

The pull of the financial sector is also making itself felt in the strategy. Banco Santander, which was re-caught a few weeks ago for the second time at a price of 2.95 euros, already rises 10.5% to 3.26 euros per share. A Santander was also imposed a protective stop in the area of 3.1 euros, which is far from a fall of 4.9%.

Those who still cannot find their moment are the tourist values. IAG and Amadeus report losses of 15% in the elEconomista portfolio , although their potential remains confident. The target price for the airline is set at 3.6 euros, 85% higher; and for the technological holding company this potential reaches 46% up to 78 euros.

The portfolio reduces its losses this week to below 1%, which implies 1,730 euros on a total investment of 100,000 euros -which includes a liquidity of 2,662 euros-. On August 27, the Logista dividend of 0.30 gross euros per share will also be charged.

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