french tip coffin ombre nails

Ombre coffin nails are a long nail shape that is much longer than your standard length painter with graduating colour. They can often be marketed as coffin nails or stiletto coffin nails, but the shaping of the two styles is actually slightly different. Ombre nails are the latest way to paint your nails and are a little like balayage for hair, and offer a funky effect depending on what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together this article to introduce you to our favourite ombre coffin nail trends for 2022!

What is a coffin nail?

A coffin nail is a type of nail shape. Coffin nails are also known as ballerina nails. They are often confused with stiletto nails because they look really similar. The difference between coffin nails and the stiletto nail is the way that the tip is finished. A coffin nail is squared off to resemble a coffin or the chopped off end of a ballerina’s slipper. Stiletto nails are pretty dramatic and spiked at the end to resemble the spiked heel of a stiletto shoe! Famous celebrities who love their coffin nails are Kylie Jenner and all of the Kardashian clan. Khloe Kardashian is everywhere at the moment since her new amazing revenge body was unveiled. Her nails are long and spiky at the moment in a stiletto crossed with a coffin nail style.

White coffin nails

How to shape your coffin nails?

Before you start, cut the tips of your nails with a small nail cutter. If you have acrylics or gel nails, then they will need to be removed before shaping. You can remove them by soaking in acetone for 10 minutes. If not, then use an orange stick to scrape off the top layer of your natural nail with a 45-degree angle to the cuticle edge. Shape your nails one at a time so that you don’t mix up their sizes.

The best coffin nails colours right now

With grey, black, red and dark paint on nails, this trend is perfect for those who want to try something with a lot of color. Khloe Kardashian has recently been seen with the most amazing coffin nails in bright red acrylic as has Celeste Ackelson. Some great coffin nail ideas are:

White coffin acrylic nails
Coffin glitter nails
Light pink coffin nails with glitter
Summer brights
Coffin nails with outlines
Summer coffin nails would be great in pink, rose gold or fuschia
White tip coffin nails
Black coffin nails

light pink coffin nails with glitter

Here are some images below:

Coffin Ombre nails what are they and how do you achieve this look yourself?

Coffin Ombre nails are a trending manicure style for this season. These nails use different color polish to create a graduated effect that mimics true ombre hair. You can achieve the look yourself by using two or three contrasting nail polishes and painting each nail in gradually lighter shades.

What are the coolest colour nails for ombre coffin nails in 2022?

It seems like ombre coffin nails will be the coolest trend for this coming year. The great thing about these nails is that they’re not as expensive as you would think. You can find a package of nail polish that’s just as good as the other brands and it won’t break the bank.

French Tip coffin ombre nails are beautiful and so classy and never go out of style
Coffin ombre nails with rhinestones are perfect to stand out in the crowd
Nail art looks great on a coffin ombre – but only put it on one nail each hand
Ombre Coffin nails with glitter
Grey ombre coffin nails

If you want to be able to type and manage your children or the gym you may be far better with short coffin nails in the ombre shading – they still look great and are a little more practical.

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