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It must be very strange to be Celeste Ackelson. So many people on the internet wonder who she is in her personal life and yet she is mostly more famous for who she has married – her husband brian baumgartner, rather than being a celebrity in her own right. Many people are really not that interested in being famous and really do not choose to marry a famous person. Sometime though, you really can’t help who you fall in love with. Celeste Ackelson fell in love with a man who was famous and thereby because famous herself making people interested in her personal life all of a sudden.

Celeste Ackelson – As a child and growing up

Celeste Ackelson was born in 1982 in the united states of america. The general information available about Celeste is very limited. There is general information that her childhood was very happy and she has stated that her upbringing was very normal. It is also said that she had a real artistic mind and talent growing up and a flair for fashion. Celeste is often seen looking very stylish and well put together on the red carpet, so the idea that she has a flair for fashion makes a lot of sense.

Alongside her stylish sense, communication has also been a strength. Clever Celeste left high school and earned a place at the Florida International University graduating from high school with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Falling in love with Brian Baumgartner

Celeste and Brian became a thing when Celeste Ackelson began dating Brian Baumgartner not long after this marriage to his first wife Julia Fisher broke down. Baumgartner, know for his comedic acting, always had the ability to make Celeste laugh. The loved up couple exchanged vows at a wonderful wedding in their back garden in Los Angeles on April 28 2014.

The wedding had plenty of Los Angeles A list celebrities attending. John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt were there. As well as the golden couple of hollywood, there was also Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. The bride of course stole the show in an ivory gown with no straps and a huge mermaid fishtail. In 2015 the happy couple gave birth to a girl who they named Brylee Bea.

What is Brian Baumgartner famous for?

Brian Baumgartner is an American actor from Atlanta Georgia who is best known in his professional career for his role as Kevin Malone, the dim-witted yet lovable sidekick to Jim Halpert, on NBC’s series The Office with John Krasinski. He also had a recurring guest spot on ER in his early life, where he played Dr. Kevin Casey, and was one of the lead actors in the short-lived Fox sitcom Andy Richter Controls The Universe. His other TV credits include a starring role in the ABC sitcom Less than Perfect, as well as recurring roles on Friends and Veronica’s Closet, crime scene investigation and the television show arrested development.

What is the net worth of Celeste Ackelson?

So little is known of Celeste before she was highlighted by her high profile relationship. It is really hard to know how much she was worth in her own right. certainly it is reported that as a couple their net worth is around the $8 million dollar mark. They live in a wonderful LA home worth approximately $2.8 million.


It is really hard to drill down too much into who Celeste Ackelson is as a person. Evidence points to the fact that she is intensely private and chooses to shun social media and trying to raise her own profile to the same status as her husbands. This goes to show that if you really want to keep a low profile in Hollywood it is easy to do so.

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