Sushimore, a restaurant chain specialized in sushi and food, has just opened three new establishments in the Catalan towns of Sant Just, Vic and Vilanova i la Geltrú . Thanks to its franchise business model, with these openings it adds a total of 26 stores that operate throughout Spain and the creation of 11 new jobs out of the 100 in force throughout the national territory.

Although the brand is known for being promoters of the franchise model combined with phantom kitchens , on this occasion, the establishments will not have a phantom kitchen since the food will be made in its own production space focused mainly on delivery , takeaway and, at the same time, to the attention of a reduced capacity of people in the premises. In this way, the brand will be able to reach more neighbors and the residents of these towns will have several consumption alternatives when ordering food from Sushimore.

Ghost kitchens
The “ghost kitchen” model that the brand usually adopts in stores in the country, has revolutionized the way of undertaking and producing food in the gastronomic world. Roger Antelo, CEO of Sushimore, explains how “with a quick and easy adaptation, Sushimore joined the world of phantom kitchen, a business that proposes kitchens solely for the preparation of food for home delivery.

Thanks to this, with little investment and limited times, it is possible to undertake and be successful. This is how, with the help of the brands and the ghost kitchens, the sushi brand is consolidated in the market and is expanding every day. “

The value proposition is to combine its ghost kitchens with home delivery of food and this factor became one of the characteristic features of the brand. Along these lines, Antelo has indicated that “although the premises have a reduced space for receiving customers, the proposal is that efforts be focused on optimizing delivery to reach more customers in the easiest way. In addition, , the context makes home delivery the consumption model most chosen by diners due to the security provided by the scarce contact between people and thus, the lower chances of contagion “.

Currently, the brand has a variety of business models to carry out its banners. Thus, in many cases, they have adopted a business typology in the form of a corner , a phantom kitchen or the possibility of creating a traditional restaurant. All the options proposed by Sushimore are versatile and designed to adapt to the diverse circumstances of anyone who wants to undertake easily and quickly.

The simple conditions of generating self-employment has been a successful formula for the brand , due to the context of crisis that the pandemic has brought and the difficulties of entering an increasingly hermetic market with few job opportunities.

In the case of entrepreneurs, the business models proposed by Sushimore are an ideal way to generate stable personal income, at the same time that they consolidate their own business with great growth potential in their area through agreements with third parties (supermarkets, hotels , etc.).

The brand has concentrated on offering a model of flags in the form of a “package” with conditions of easy execution and low levels of investment. This is combined with an implementation of the business in places in Spain with low population density where the gastronomic offer is much scarcer.

“Another case of alternative employment routes that Sushimore offers is that of the restaurant industry, which is experiencing a moment of transformation and the Japanese gastronomy brand innovates in Spain, developing business models that, in short, had already been implemented for years in the Anglo-Saxon countries and accompanied by an innovative culinary proposal such as sushi. Delivery, take away, grab and go, dark kitchen are common expressions in Anglo-Saxon markets and have come to stay in our daily consumer culture “, says Antelo, the CEO of the company.

Smart food
The brand is developed under the philosophy of smart food , a concept that promotes healthy eating without sacrificing pleasure or taste . Following this trend, sushi combines all the elements of this innovative culinary culture: healthy but at the same time exotic ingredients that, once consumed, provide a complete experience: introduce yourself to Japanese culture and experience an explosion of new flavors and delicious on the palate.

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