Rain of scholarships to save the Catalan University
It is an open secret that the Catalan Summer University (UCE) attracts increasingly reduced interest in its latest editions. This year he provides a good example, with the events he organized in the French town of Prades. It is already commented that the income obtained by the enrollment of people interested in attending the conferences “does not even reach 10% of the total.”

That is why the rest has to be provided by the Generalitat and, according to the comments that circulate, the generous subsidies that the Government allocates to the UCE are no longer enough. In addition, it is rumored that this year “there has been a lot of work to do in awarding scholarships.”

That has been the task of the Department of Research and Universities, led by Gemma Geis, who has faced a difficult task. Despite the large number of grants offered and their obvious generosity (they practically cover 80% of the expenses of attending the UCE summer campus), there has been a very tepid response from Catalan students (and those from the Balearic Islands, also included).

In academic circles they ironically about these difficulties, showing that with “a poster that includes such exciting speakers as Quim Torra or Laura Borràs we do not know who is surprised that no one wants to go”.

Ione Belarra is in evidence in the networks
Much commented has been the tweet that the secretary general of Podemos, Ione Belarra, spread on social networks this week, after the fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban. In it, the minister also spoke of the “umpteenth failure” of NATO and urged to assume responsibilities in the situation of helplessness in which “the women and girls of Afghanistan remain.”

Of course, no one criticized the substance of that message, but Internet users did highlight the lack of moral authority of Podemos in this matter. Not in vain, as they reminded Belarra, the party had no scruples when it came to maintaining (for years) a close link with a regime as little respectful of women’s rights as the Iranian one.

The discomfort of the police present in Afghanistan
The GEOs and the Riot Police who help in the evacuation of Spaniards and their collaborators have watched in amazement how their faces appear, without any coverage, in several images already widely disseminated in the media and social networks. The agents do not understand that Interior did not take measures to preserve their anonymity.

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