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By 2020, it is expected that the global cosmetics market will be worth more than $569 billion, with SKINCARE as the dominant category, followed by hair care and make-up.

Cosmetics and beauty product photography drives marketing campaigns for this massive industry, with e-commerce images acting as visual bait and a purchasing trigger.

Similarly to the impact of product photography in general, which we have already detailed for our readers, cosmetic photography that is professionally executed can increase a makeup store’s CTR, boost conversions, and decrease returns in a wide variety of ways.

In 2021, cosmetics companies drastically altered their advertising strategies. Let us go over the most important things you need to know in order to take beautiful photographs that will be suitable for licensing.

Embrace natural skin

Together, the diversity and inclusion in the beauty movement and the movement to celebrate natural skin go hand in hand. Dove’s 2019 representation study found that 64 percent of women felt that women with scars, freckles, and skin conditions were underrepresented. This finding may have been a precursor to the “skinimalism” phenomenon that swept 2021.

The latest skincare fad is all about going back to basics and embracing our natural textures while using only a handful of products that are gentler on the environment and the maker.

Recruit an innovative group

To get the most out of your photos in this style; your models should not be expected to style their own hair and makeup. Hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who specializes in eCommerce photography and allot some of your budgets to their services in preparing your subject for the shoot. Professionals in this field can prime your model for a beauty shoot with the right products and make sure she looks her best in the photos.

Make sure your camera and settings are correct

An extremely high-resolution camera and a macro lens are necessities for beauty photography. Macro lenses are a special kind of camera lens that can zoom in extremely close to the action and magnify the subject by a factor of 1:1 (exactly to life-size). With the right camera settings, you can capture every nuance of your subject, from the intricate design of the jewelry to the smoothness of the model’s skin. For a beauty shoot involving skincare products, jewelry, or liquid foundation, this degree of sharpness is mandatory. Hire a photographer with relevant skills.

Make use of appealing hues

Whether you’re shooting a model or a product, a photo with a colorful backdrop will grab the attention of the viewer. Find out what colors complement one another by reading up on color theory, and don’t use a background that’s too close in tone to the product’s color or the model’s skin tone. Think about using bright orange eyeliner, fun, vibrant jewelry, etc., for the models. Paper scenery As well as being available in a rainbow of hues, backdrops can also be made to fit any dimensions you need.

A Few Closing Statements

With any luck, you were able to glean some helpful pointers from our makeup and skincare product photography ideas that you can implement in your next product shoot for social media, Shopify, Squarespace, Instagram, or Pinterest. Remember that pre-shoot planning will save you time and effort in the long run and is especially important for client shoots to ensure you have all the equipment you need on hand. We also suggest conducting a lighting test prior to the shoot in order to settle on the type of light you wish to use and the corresponding camera settings necessary to capture properly exposed images.

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