Having the best logistics delivery management system in 2022 is not a difficult task if you know where to look. The best software solutions will not only help you manage your deliveries but will also save you money and keep your business running at its best.

Clickoot – An Online Logistic Delivery System

Providing an online ordering system and mobile apps that are customizable and easy to use is what Clickoot is all about. It has all the features you need to make delivery management easy and efficient. It also features a robust REST API to allow users to access key performance metrics and real-time status information. You can also manage your delivery partners and track your orders from anywhere.

In terms of logistics, the most important part of the order cycle is the delivery time. That is the time it takes to move an order from a stocking point to a customer’s location. This can be an important piece of information when making an order, and is particularly important when using logistics delivery systems. You can use Clickoot to track your orders in real time and improve your business’s position in the market. It can also help you avoid mistakes that could cost you customers, money and your reputation.

Another important part of the order cycle is the delivery method, or the process of picking and packing the goods for delivery. This process involves customer service, picking the right items and delivering them to the right places at the right time. Logistics delivery systems make the entire process faster and easier, and are a great way to reduce fuel consumption, reduce human error and improve customer satisfaction.

Onfleet is a cloud-based last-mile delivery solution that can make your delivery operation more efficient and effective. It has helped thousands of businesses manage millions of deliveries every month.


Thousands of businesses around the world use Onfleet to facilitate their product deliveries. It is a centralized delivery management system that offers end-to-end route planning and automation, as well as analytics, customer notifications, and more.

The Onfleet system is easy to use. Users can search for drivers and deliveries by time or status. They can also set up multiple deliveries in advance. Its AI-based automated dispatch helps users assign tasks to the right drivers. It also provides real-time tracking and analytics.

Onfleet’s centralized delivery management system handles millions of deliveries each month. It uses an integrated route optimization engine that factors in time, location, and capacity. It also gives customers predictive ETAs.

Its cloud-based dispatch dashboard keeps users updated on their deliveries. The system can also send automatic notifications via SMS. It also includes detailed feedback forms.

It has a modern user interface, which makes it easy for non-specialists to use. It also offers developer-friendly APIs. It has a great analytics view and has helped users save time. Its GPS tracking also confirms proof of delivery.

Its route optimization feature helps you plan the best routes for your deliveries. It also provides real-time alerts and predictive ETAs.

While the system is easy to use, it isn’t cheap. Its Basic package starts at $349 per month. The Premium package costs $799 per month. It’s pricing also doesn’t include barcode scanning or age verification. It offers a free trial.

It is a good option for companies that handle moderate deliveries. However, if you have a large fleet, it may be too expensive.

It can also be hard to navigate the web-based platform. It’s not as user-friendly as its competitors. It’s also difficult to update in real time.


Using a delivery management system can help your business get the job done right and efficiently. This is especially true when you have to coordinate delivery schedules with multiple drivers. A good delivery management solution will allow you to optimize routes, track customer data, and ensure a smooth delivery process.

The delivery management software will also make life easier for your drivers. They can get real-time updates on where they are and when they will arrive at their destinations. In turn, this improves transparency and increases customer satisfaction.

One delivery management system that will benefit you and your drivers is OptimoRoute. It offers real-time tracking, ETAs, and proof of delivery. It is designed for multiple industries, such as courier and delivery services. The app also allows you to set up customizable delivery updates.

Another option for delivery management is Onfleet. This delivery management software has an intuitive web dashboard and a user-friendly driver app. It offers a host of other features, including the automatic assignment of drivers and an agent wallet.

FarEye is another delivery management system. This tool has a mobile app that offers real-time tracking and predictive visibility. It is also capable of boosting communication between your drivers and customers. It is used on over 150 different vertices.

There are plenty of other options for delivery management, so make sure you take the time to choose the best one for your business. The right software will help you streamline delivery operations, reduce operational costs, and improve communication with your customers.

The best delivery management system will also offer a wide array of notifications. There should be at least five different types of notifications. The most basic is a notification that is triggered when an order is created. Another type of notification is triggered when a service is completed successfully. You can also have notifications triggered when a delivery has failed.


Using smart analytics, this software allows you to find the most efficient route for your delivery, as well as make further plans to reduce your delivery costs. You can also track your delivery and monitor your drivers. If your customers are expecting a package, this software can help you make sure that they receive it on time.

FarEye’s intelligent logistics platform is designed to optimize logistics operations, increase courier productivity, and increase consumer loyalty. It is currently used by more than 150 customers across 30 countries. It also offers a cloud-based solution that can be operated from any smart device. It is integrated with over 2 million vehicles, and it provides real-time visibility into shipments.

One of the best features of FarEye’s intelligent delivery platform is its ability to predict a shipment’s journey. It allows you to see how long it will take for the package to reach your location, and it predicts the number of steps it will take to get there. You can also use it to track past orders.

It is important to choose a delivery management system that is easy to use. You want to be able to see what your drivers are doing and assign tasks with ease. It should also offer automated proof of delivery.

Another great feature of FarEye is its ability to automate last-mile delivery. This feature eliminates the need to manually assign orders to drivers. It also reduces the number of hours spent on the road. Besides reducing operational costs, it increases team productivity. It also decreases carbon dioxide emissions by 25%.

It is important to choose a home delivery management system that can integrate with location-based applications such as Google Maps, Here Maps, and Waze. It should also provide a detailed overview of your working schedule.


OptimoRoute is a lightweight mobile app that optimizes delivery routes and boosts productivity. The application works with several industries, including shipping and logistics, transportation, and warehousing. Its impressive array of features and functions includes real-time tracking, ETAs, and order fulfillment.

OptimoRoute boasts a plethora of features, including an impressive route planner and a nifty ETA calculator. Its other notable features include a streamlined dispatch process and the ability to swap between multiple routes.

While OptimoRoute is not as feature-rich as some of its competitors, it is a great option for those looking for a low-cost, yet powerful, delivery management solution. The company also offers a robust support system that includes a toll-free helpline and an online support forum.

The Circuit delivery management program is another useful tool for businesses looking to streamline their delivery process. The program offers innovative task allotment solutions and can help you add important deliveries to your daily schedule. This is a useful function for businesses looking to optimize their delivery services for better profits.

The RoadWarrior multi-stop route planning application is another useful tool for businesses looking to streamline delivery operations. The application allows you to automate daily tasks, track progress, and log completed deliveries. It also integrates with 600+ courier companies. This is a great way to cut down on delivery times, while also reducing downtime. The application is equipped with detailed analytics, multiple selling channels, and other useful features.

The best delivery management software is one that will allow you to track your fleet in real-time and facilitate automated dispatch management. By using a delivery management system, you can significantly cut delivery time and increase your profit margin. This way, you can ensure that your business grows.


Founded in the year 2000, GSMtasks is a logistics software provider. Its core focus is on improving customer experience. It also helps businesses manage mobile workforces.

The software allows companies to manage their mobile workforce, track employees, and deliver orders in the right time. Its real-time web dashboard provides a comprehensive overview. Users can customize the system to display extra details for employees in the field. Moreover, GSMtasks provides a secure and seamless flow of information.

GSMtasks is an Estonia-based software provider for logistics management. The company’s product portfolio includes a powerful route optimizer, a fleet management system, and a field service management system. Its software also has RESTful API integration.

GSMtasks’ fleet optimization feature helps drivers to reduce their downtime. It also reduces the cost of fuel. It also offers real-time notifications, automated SMS, and driver tracking. It allows organizations to plan multi-stop routes. It also has a calendar view, which can help organizations to optimize crew schedules.

GSMtasks also offers a driver app for Android and iOS devices. Its user interface is friendly and intuitive. The app also includes a web-based dashboard and a real-time shipment tracking system.

It also offers custom meta-fields, which allow users to display extra information about their employees. It also provides a trigger-based notification, which can be used to inform customers when employees are on their way.

GSMtasks’ delivery tracking system ensures that customers are satisfied and that resources are not wasted. The system also provides precise ETAs and costs per delivery. Moreover, GSMtasks’ routing engine optimizes routes to maximize the capacity of fleets with shorter routes. It also saves hours on manual fleet management planning.

GSMtasks’ inventory tracking feature is an important addition to the software. It helps businesses plan future purchases. It also helps reduce inventory costs and increase production.

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