Advertising is a living, breathing art form that changes to reflect the market shifts in consumer behavior and values. Keeping up with these trends is important for any and every business owner, be it a small mom-and-pop shop or a large multinational conglomerate. Failure to acknowledge these changes can result in costly marketing campaigns that are poorly received, do little to grow your brand, or even hurt your brand name. This 2023, consider these six unique ways to advertise your business to gain more market share and grow your business.

OOH Advertising

You might have just recently heard about digital out-of-home advertising, but it’s a channel that has been around for centuries. Essentially, digital OOH advertising pertains to the practice of advertising out into the streets. 

You probably see dozens of examples of digital OOH advertising on a daily basis while you’re outside, from ads painted on brick-and-mortar properties to pop-up ads on small television screens on the back of your taxi cab.

Interactive Website

Today’s audience finds little joy and excitement in interacting with a static website, no matter how fancy the fonts are or how colorful the backdrop is. Interactive websites, like an online news blog, are the proper way to advertise your business to your online audience. 

You can introduce interactivity to your website by adding a chatbot to handle common user questions. You can also add interactive images that dispense relevant information about your business when clicked.

Playable Game Ads

This is especially useful if you are trying to advertise a mobile game you’ve developed and have launched on the app stores. Similar to interactive websites, playable game ads are a great way to engage with your target audience. 

If they can click on the ad and interact with it, you can get their attention long enough to deliver a more meaningful interaction with your brand. To make it even more engaging, give your users a more gamified experience by letting them win a prize, be it a discount code or a free trial of your product.


Music is another simple way to improve your brand’s marketing campaign without spending a ton of money. Nowadays, some platforms connect you to artists who can write up custom jingles or even full tracks at a fraction of the cost that professional studios would charge you. 

You can also find music that is free to use, with some copyright limitations. Many times, your audience will forget the advertisement. However, over time, the song or jingle that accompanied that ad will get stuck in their heads. 

Make sure the music you incorporate into your ads reflects the values and mission of your brand. It can be harmful to your brand if you partner with artists or incorporate music that doesn’t necessarily stand well with your target audience.


Social media influencers are becoming more and more popular with today’s generation. These charismatic average Joes and Janes have established themselves as experts in their respective fields.

Most influencers review lesser-known and up-and-coming brands and often charge a fee commensurate with their follower base. The more influential the influencer is, the more expensive each post or shout-out will be. In some cases, influencers may also advertise you if you send them a free sample of your product.


Contests are another great way to advertise your business in 2023. People want to feel a sense of inclusion. They want to be able to say that they were a part of something, especially something that went viral. 

Hosting contests can be a good way to capture the attention of your brand. The more entertaining the mechanics are and the bigger the prizes, the more exposure you get. If it goes well, you can turn the contest into an annual event for your user base.

Bottom Line

These advertisement channels and methods are simple and straightforward enough to set up, cost relatively cheap and are unique enough to attract your target audience. That being said, note that not all unique ways to advertise will be the right fit for the brand you are trying to build. In addition, some marketing techniques may require time and constant investment before it starts producing results. As a business owner, be patient and trust in the process.

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