It’s no secret that technology has changed the legal profession forever. Gone are the days of lawyers spending hours reading through reams of paper – today, you can complete many tasks with the help of a few simple tech tips. Below, we’ll explore ten ways your law firm can use technology to work more efficiently.

1. Implement a Document Management System

A document management system (DMS) may help your firm manage its documents and files more effectively. This will save time when searching for specific items and help keep track of different versions of documents.

2. Automate Funding Methods

One way to save your law firm time and money is to automate your funding methods. You can do this by setting up auto payments with your clients or using a Legal Spend Management (LSM) system.

Automating your payments can help streamline your law firm’s finances and make it easier to track expenses. It can also help to reduce the risk of human error when it comes to payments.

3. Use Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software can be a great way for your law firm to work more efficiently. This type of software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It also tends to be more affordable than traditional on-premises software. When choosing law firm cloud based software, make sure to select a solution that is secure and that offers the features and functionality you need.

4. Take Advantage of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology can help your law firm to work more efficiently in many ways. For example, using a mobile app can make it easier for your lawyers to access files and documents away from the office. You can also use mobile apps for client communication and scheduling.

Additionally, you can use mobile apps to scan documents and signatures. This can save time compared to traditional faxing or mailing documents.

5. Implement an AI Chatbot

If your law firm receives a lot of calls, you may want to consider implementing an AI chatbot. This technology can help screen callers and route them to the appropriate department or lawyer. You can also use AI chatbots to provide information about your law firms, such as business hours and contact information.

AI chatbots can be a great way to improve your law firm’s customer service. They can also help to reduce the amount of time spent on non-billable tasks, such as screening calls.

6. Use a Project Management System

A project management system (PMS) can help your law firm to organize its tasks and projects better. This type of system can be used to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. A PMS can also help your law firm to communicate with clients and other stakeholders.

7. Invest in Legal Research Software

Legal research software can be a great way for your law firm to save time. This software can help you quickly find the information you need without searching hundreds of pages of text. Investing in legal research software can help your law firm work more efficiently by reducing the time spent on research tasks.

8. Use Document Automation Software

Law firms can increase their productivity by automating the document-creation process. Document automation software can be used to generate contracts, letters, and other legal documents. Document automation software can also automate the process of filling out forms. This software can help your law firm to save time and reduce the risk of errors when creating documents.

9. Set Up a Client Portal

A client portal can be a great way for your law firm to improve communication with clients. This system provides a secure online space for your clients to access their documents, invoices, and other information. A client portal can also be used for scheduling appointments and sending messages. This can greatly improve communication with clients, which, in turn, can help to improve your law firm’s efficiency.

10. Implement a Time Tracking System

A time tracking system can help your law firm better understand how its employees spend their time. This type of system can be used to track billable and non-billable hours. Time tracking can help your law firm work more efficiently by identifying areas where time is wasted. It can also help to improve employee productivity by providing visibility into how employees spend their time.


Technology can be a great way to help your law firm work more efficiently. By taking advantage of the tips and tools listed above, you can improve communication, reduce research time, and automate tasks. Implementing just one or two of these solutions can make a big difference in the efficiency of your law firm.

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