Various brands commonly use red สล็อตเว็บตรง cardboard boxes for wrapping their products. It is also ideal for gift purposes. Red colour elevates the beauty of the inside product. The cardboard is also hard enough to provide maximum protection. It is one of the materials that are best for the environment. It can be easily reused and broken down naturally to minimize waste generation. Moreover, the box that has been recycled does not lose its strength or resistance. So, you can make new boxes by utilizing old boxes. Such packaging solution is also easy to customize in any shape or style. 


Red cardboard boxes seem to find their way into every home. They get into your home through online grocery deliveries, gifts, and even when you move. Instead of throwing them away, use them for something amazing. They look attractive with their bright red colour and make the inside things more appealing. Not just for packaging purposes, you can use these boxes to increase the internal decoration of the home. Many useful yet practical ideas turn them into decorative items. Some of the easy ways of transforming red boxes into home décor are the following:

  1. Create Fascinating Artwork with Red Cardboard Boxes

Artwork is ideal for decorating any wall. Instead of investing in wall hangings, make your own by using red cardboard boxes. The red colour is preferable for making prominent art pieces. Just cut the box in various shapes by using a cutter and add some motivational lines on the board piece. Now you have an attractive piece of decoration for your home. Moreover, if your kids like drawing, painting, or making crafts, these boxes can help them show their creativity. Just give your child a box and let them cut it into any shape they want. They have them in various forms, like an animal, a house, or even a car. Then, they can decorate their cardboard creation in any way they want. After completion, you will have a wide range of wall hangings for the kid’s room.

  • Make a Jewelry Box

For a jewellery lover, a jewellery box on a dressing table is a must. An eye-catching jewellery box increases the décor of a room. So, invest your time in this amazing creation. You can make your jewellery box out of red cardboard boxes wholesale to keep all your jewellery items in one place. The red colour makes the box appealing and a source of attraction. Prefer cardboard boxes that come will lids. With this style, it is easy to pick and place the jewellery in the box. Moreover, adding other fancy things like pretty gift wrap or fabric on the top of the box increase the appearance. This will make the whole thing look amazing.

  • Have Decor with Planters

Home décor is incomplete without greenery. So, indoor plants look so fresh and make the inside environment pleasant. Here again, go for custom red cardboard boxes to make little planters. Clean the box properly and then put plants in them. Small plants or herbs do well in planters made from cardboard containers. Make a hole in the bottom of the box, put soil in it, and plant your seeds or sprouts. Then, use the box as a mini-greenhouse to grow your plants and make your home close to nature.

  • Transformation into a Lampshade

If you need a new lampshade but don’t want to spend money, try making one out of custom packaging. Just cut out a circle from the top of the box and a smaller circle in the middle. Then, wrap it in fabric or gift wrap to shade your lamp. This red lamp increases the beauty of any corner of the house.

  • Make Furniture with Red Cardboard Boxes.

Boxes made of cardboard are easily turned into chairs, tables, and other furniture you might not already have. For example, you could put wheels on a box and turn it into a small rolling table. Or tape several boxes together to make a larger desk surface.

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  • Create a Picture Frame

If you want to display old pictures but don’t have any frames, you make them out of a box. Just use a paper punch to make a hole in the front of the box. Now put your picture in it, and then decorate the frame as you like. Furthermore, you can even put a mat around the picture to make it look like it’s in a frame. Such picture frames make the memories more special.

  • Home for Your Pet

A red cardboard box is perfect for making a home for your pet. Such a small home for your pet also looks attractive in the house, and your pet will love it. For making a home, cut out some doors and windows and put a soft blanket inside. Now turn your cardboard box into a bed for your pet. Just cut a hole in one side and put a pillow in the box. Your pet will have a safe and cosy place to live. Moreover, you can make the kitty an awesome castle with towers so she can play like a queen. 

  • Attractive Storage Boxes

Use custom boxes as places to store things. Get some old cardboard containers and make use of them to store things. In these red boxes, you store things like seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, or even non-perishable food. Storage of things makes the home organized and increases its décor. Keep the boxes dry and cool so that whatever you store stays fresh. For making storage bins, cut out the top and bottom flaps to strengthen the box and tape them shut. Then you can use it to organize your room by putting shoes, clothes, and other things in it. 

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Red cardboard boxes are an attractive way to present various things in the market. The colour looks attractive and makes any occasion memorable by having gifts in such boxes. Every home has these boxes, which are easily transformed into other useful things. Using the above-mentioned ways, you can make your home decor more eye-catching. The cost of manufacturing these things is also low. So, make your interior decor more appealing by transforming spare boxes into new and unique ideas.

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