Historical Black Friday Events

Between Christmas and Halloween, there is another holiday in the United States. It is Thanksgiving. This is the time when Americans give thanks and enjoy a day of feasting, watching football, and spending time with their families. It is always Friday, and it is know as Black Friday. This name has been adopt in many European countries in recent years. This is the best time of year to shop and get amazing deals. It is also when most people start their Christmas shopping and buy their first Christmas gifts. What is the history of Black Friday? How did it come to be call that? You might not believe the history.

Black Friday

Black Friday’s history dates back to the late 19 century. However, back then it was not associate with sales weekend but with the financial crisis. 1869, the first time this term was use to describe a financial crisis was in 1869. The stock market crashed, and the gold market crashed again. This led to everyone on Wall Street from farmers to bankrupt.

From where did the name originate?

Black Friday was first used to refer to a shopping day in the United States. It was in Philadelphia on the day following Thanksgiving 1961. The term Black Friday was first used by police officers in the city to describe the next Thanksgiving Day. In advance of Saturday’s Army-Navy football match, large crowds of tourists and shoppers swamped the city. Shoplifters and traffic jams would create chaos caused by the shoppers. Black Friday was a day that the Philly police couldn’t take off. 

They often had to work overtime to manage the traffic and crowds. It has been the most popular shopping day of the year. Many shops have cut prices on a variety of products to increase profits and kick off the festive season. Many retailers extend their sales into the weekend and end with Cyber Monday offers.

Shopping Hours

Opening Times: We know that Black Friday opening hours are longer than usual. Many retailers open their doors at the crack of dawn. We might hear the phrase “Opening hours between 4.00 am and 10.00 pm” a lot on Black Friday.

Black Friday Weekend: Retailers know when they’re onto something. If you can extend a huge sales day, why limit it to Friday? Black Friday changed the meaning of the word “weekend” because it was able to extend the sales day. This applies normally to Saturday and Sunday. These were traditionally days when workers could rest. Black Friday weekend is Friday through Sunday or Friday through Monday when Cyber Monday deals are available.

This is the Thing for You

Now that you have chosen the item you want to buy, what do we do next? How can I pay for this product? will take us to the register. Do they deliver? will let you know if you’ll need to bring larger items with you. Is it possible to have a bag with these/those items? This is for multi- or difficult-to-carry items. However, most UK stores will charge a small fee for shopping bags. It is an attempt to reduce plastic bags that pollute our planet. The shop assistant is informed that we are ready and available to purchase the item by saying I’ll take it.


We will be hearing lots of retail and advertising terms in the days leading up to the big day. These are not just Black Friday phrases but are also used in shopping.

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