Reliable Roofing

Roofs are the most crucial part of the house because they provide shelter against numerous weather conditions, theft and ensure safety A house’s construction is incomplete without the installation of a roof. A roof is also a barrier against hails, storms, ice, etc. There are a variety of benefits that a roof offers, and a house owner can get these by installing them on the house.

A roof undoubtedly is designed for a longer time, but everything needs maintenance roofs also need care periodically to stay on your house longer. Your roof’s shape also matters. If your roof shape is improper, your house is more likely to suffer from leaks, hail, and other environmental factors.

But if your roof is properly shaped and maintained, this will serve as a barrier against snow, hail or rain. Having a Reliable Roofing service can save you from undue expenses.

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What is roofing?

A roof is a structure that works as a top layer of the house or building and provides protection against harmful UV rays, rainfall, storms, heavy temperature, and some other factors.

Why are modern roofs important?

A roof is very crucial for the house because it acts as the main barrier to the house that saves the house from different environmental effects and has proven to be energy efficient because now the modern roofs come up with advanced shingles which reflect the UV rays resultantly your house will not affect by these harmful rays and save you money on energy bills.

There are some other benefits you can get (if you have installed a new roof) since technology has changed over time, and now modern roofs are way better than old roofs. Old roofs were not much durable and were affected easily by weather.

New roofs can increase your property value and looks appealing. As roofs have great importance, their installation process is important too. A properly installed roof can extend its life span or vice versa.

Material that you need:

  • Drip edge
  • Roof adhesives
  • Roof nails
  • New three-tab shingles
  • Ice protection underlayment


  • Hammer
  • Air compressor
  • Roof shovel
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Knife
  • Shingle cutter
  • Chalk line
  • Flat pry bar
  • Square

The installation process of roofing in homes:

These steps should be followed carefully while roofing your house.

Get a permit:

you need to get a permit from local authorities because a few restrictions won’t let you replace the roof. It’s easy to get a permit. Once you get it, you are good to go.

Determine the roof condition:

The first step you need to do is to assess the roof condition whether you want to replace the roof or re-roof it. It entirely depends upon the condition. When replacing the roof, firstly remove the shingles and replace them with new shingles. This also lessens the roofing load. When re-roofing, install the new shingles on the existing shingles directly. Re-roofing is more inexpensive than the entire replacement of the roof.

Reliable Roofing

Cover up the surroundings:

Before start working on your roof, make sure to cover the plants with plastic sheets, and select an area where all shingles and other fittings will be thrown. Arrange the large sheets to spread on the ground to avoid damage.

Detach the shingles and felt paper:

By using the roofing shovel, start it at the roof ridge. Use your equipment to remove the ridge cap. Then, press the tool upward beneath both the shingles and felt paper. The loose shingles will slide down on the way to the gutters.

Apply felt paper:

Apply the felt paper along with the roofing nails. Start with a 1/2-inch high to the end of the drip edge. Continuing it upward in overlapping rows. The overlap should be at least 4 inches.

Apply the ice protective layer:

Apply the ice protection layer on the bottom section of the roof deck. This will help your roof to cope with the water of melted ice. (This is optional because in some areas, the temperature is hot, and they don’t it).

Install the flashings:

Install the flashings on the roof as its material helps to avoid water entering the roof and protects the weak points of the roof from damage. It helps essential to avoid leaking.

Install the new shingles:

This covering of asphalt that goes along the eaves helps to fill any remaining gaps between the roof edge and shingles.

Install vents:

Replace the old vents and replace them with new vents that will further protect your roof from moisture and damage.

Install the ridge cap:

After installing all the shingles, the next step is to install the ridge cap on your roof. This cap is generally oppositely installed along the shingles. This roof cap provides a tight seal which lets the ice and ice go down to the other side of the roof than staying on the roof.

Replacing the gutters:

Re-fix the gutter system and carefully attach them to the roof. If the gutter system is not connected properly, then call a Gutter Repair Croydon specialist to install them properly.

Examining the roof finally:

This is the last step and a crucial step, when your roof installation ends, don’t come downward. Stay on the roof and carefully examine it at once, check the shingles and edges (if you find any improper settling) and install it again. If this doesn’t work for you, then hire a roofer and let him deal with your roof.

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