Facts Highlighting the Importance of Ecommerce Packaging

As far as online shopping is concerned, the packaging is no longer a cardboard box. It represents your business and product. The more beautiful, the better it is for the sale and growth of your brand. Like most people, you might have come into contact with some form of eCommerce packaging. You may have ordered something online and received the parcel in some kind of box. Have you ever thought of the container that comes with your shipment? What are the benefits of using that box? In this article, we will know the answers to these questions because eCommerce has seen a rise in recent years. For example, eCommerce sales increased by 27.7% in 2020 as compared to the previous year. The same is the case with the largest eCommerce market, the US, where more than half of people prefer to buy online. All these factors necessitate the use of containers for your products.

The Significant Role of Boxes

Simply put, the packaging is of vital essentiality in eCommerce. A smile or laugh is apparent on everyone’s face when there is media storytelling about how Alibaba or any other online retailer has sent a product in a comically oversized box. On the other hand, some people may have experienced getting bruised and battered packages. Or even worse, when they receive their product in damaged condition.

Although these examples are equally annoying and amusing, the only difference between them is the use of containers for your items. With them, you can deliver your orders successfully without fuss. And ignoring them means FBA Shipping Rapid Express Freight sellers are overlooking a potential opportunity of uplifting your business.

Ecommerce Packaging Showering its Blessings for your Business

Without any doubt, these kinds of boxes are of massive importance for the growth of your business. They are the first interaction of your brand with customers. And almost 52% of people are more likely to rebuy from the same brand if the box exceeds their expectations. Moreover, one in every ten persons considers the carrier as important as the product itself. So, the way your present your item is going to dramatically impact the sale of your item.

A well-thought-out and successful box can lead your business towards success. Besides that, it helps you abate the cost of returns. People become your loyal customers and your business emerges as a brand in front of more people. What is more, your package may also get thousands of views on YouTube in an “unboxing video.” So, your business can get some additional benefits from custom boxes except delivering your products safely to customers as cost-effectively as possible. These benefits can prove leverage if you know how.

Interesting Ecommerce Packaging Facts

In the latter section, we will be listing some interesting facts that prove extremely helpful for your business. Numerous pieces of research and studies conducted over the few years highlight some stark facts and figures in this regard. The COVID-19 pandemic has really pushed online shopping and eCommerce forward. Due to this, savvy online brands now give particular attention to containers. This results in a few interesting facts about these kinds of carriers.

  • Customers only take almost 7 seconds to form an impression about a brand. After this, it is really difficult to change it.
  • Empirical research has shown that almost 10% of customers think boxes are as important as the content inside.
  • According to recent research, brands that use interesting and beautiful boxes for their items have witnessed a 30% rise in customer interest.
  • Approximately 90% of items in the USA are shipped in cardboard boxes. Similar are the trends in the UK.
  • On the other hand, slow delivery time which can further be slowed down due to boxes can negatively influence the purchasing decision of about 40% of customers.
  • Conversely, if you provide free delivery by absorbing the packing and shipping cost, it will result in a 30% higher customers average order value.
  • Almost 52% of clients who receive their orders in custom containers are of the view they will return to the same brand for future orders.

First Impression Counts

As it was said above, people take only 7 seconds to form an opinion about something, the same happens with online orders you deliver to your clients. A person conducting research looks at your online product and decides to buy the item. But the first interaction of your product with the customers does not happen until you ship your product. If the box is damaged and shabby, it will create a terrible impression on clients. So, online sellers must avoid this at all costs.

On the other hand, beautiful, robust packaging will create an everlasting impression on the mind of customers. In addition to delivering the item in a single piece, this box will also better the outlook of your item. And customers will appreciate the idea and buy your product in the future. Personalization and clever branding make your customers feel valued. A focus and attention on customer experience ensured by carrier boxes is the reason why there are a plethora of unboxing videos on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Ultimately, imagine how you will handle a shoddy-looking, damaged product to a customer in person who has just spent hundreds of dollars on your product. Make sure this does not happen. And the only way of ensuring this is to use attractive and stylish carriers.

Packaging is Branding

There is no exaggeration to posit that presentation of your items is branding in fact. The way your display your product should be an extension of your brand. It should be a necessary way of expressing what your brand stands for and what your products are about. Customers form their opinion about your brand by just looking at the parcel. If it is extraordinary, customers will feel attracted to your brand and prioritize your item. In this way, eCommerce packaging works as your brand ambassador and maximizes the sale of your business.

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