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The Halloween season makes everyone look for a variety of unique gifts for their loved ones. Each of us wants to make our gifts more attractive and win the admiration of the Halloween party. Well then, are you also looking for this uniqueness and peculiarity? If yes, below are creative ways to make your Halloween memorable by using best seasonal boxes! Let’s check out tips to design your Halloween Gift Boxes!

Spooky Halloween Pumpkins Can Make a Huge Difference!

The most common Halloween shape is the spooky pumpkin. The good news is that it can be very easy to make and shape your box into a pumpkin. Therefore, many people use this prop for Halloween treats.

The question is will this prop be easy to make? Is it easy to make a gift box with this shape?

Yes, it is easy to hook your seasonal gift boxes in the shape of spooky pumpkin moods.

So, how can you make this awesome candy box?

If you are making Halloween out of pumpkins, you are obviously using real pumpkins. So what are the good materials to make these boxes?

Let’s answer this question from a packaging perspective.

What you use for your Custom Gift Boxes for Halloween depends on what you use the boxes for. Yes, absolutely; if you are going to use the boxes for heavy gifts, the material definitely needs to be sturdy such as rigid. On the other hand, if you are going to use these boxes to wrap lighter gifts, then you can simply use paperboard or Kraft.

Try Out a Spooky Pirate Halloween Design

You can captivate your friends by sending your gifts by designing the Spooky Pirate Halloween for your boxes. Yes, you can send them candies, chocolate, or anything else.

You can easily create boxes with pirate shapes and images. If you have ths designing skills and ability, you will be fine to design the boxes by yourself. But even if you don’t have that, you don’t need to worry. You can simply explain your ideas to a professional packaging designer and let them build a box for you.

A Gift Box Shaped Like a Cartoon Character Will Spice Up Your Halloween

In this modern age, there are many mysterious and charming cartoon characters. Accordingly, many people wear costumes at Halloween parties. You can use these characters as your Halloween box design.

For instance, you can go with the Joker as your box shape. Or else, you can use Wonder Woman or Captain America. These unique cartoon character shapes will make your treat boxes stand out.

How About the Coffin-Shaped Boxes?

What do you think of coffin-shaped Halloween Treat Boxes? Would it be a good idea to take these boxes and give them to your friends at Halloween parties?

Well, you can further customize these boxes according to your preferences.

For example, you can add a quote written under the headline, “If you dare, open it.” This will give your friends a daring experience that encourages them to open it. This way, you can challenge all your friends in the party to open your Halloween gifts.

Depending on your packaging perspective, you can also get these coffin boxes in different box styles. The most suitable style is a two-piece packaging style. Why?

As the name suggests, we know that there are two parts to the box. One is like a tub or pedestal to hold your gift, and the other is to cover it. Another excellent alternative is a sleeve packaging style. Or else, you can also use a simple tuck-end packaging style. However, it might not be able to give your box an elegant look. A two-piece or sleeve packaging style is, therefore, the best option.

You can go with rigid for the best material option for these boxes. This material will be highly durable to protect your gift inside. Better yet, it will also look elegant because it uses paperboard and cardboard. Eventually, you can also apply a matte finish to create a gorgeous look.

What Materials Will Be Perfect for These Halloween Seasonal Boxes?

Almost any type of material that can absorb ink easily and completely is perfect for Halloween seasonal boxes. The first material on this list is, of course, flexible cardboard. The material is customizable and durable at the same time. As a result, you can keep your gifts safe and secure without compromising the design of the boxes. On the other hand, if you want to pack hard and heavy items, corrugated ones will be better.

Final Ideas

Those are some creative ideas to make your Halloween memorable by using best seasonal boxes. You can explore your creative ideas to create a different experience this Halloween. Yes, don’t be scared to break the tradition of orthodox Halloween packaging style with these awesome unique styles! To get the right gifts boxes for Halloween, you can reach out to Instant Custom Boxes!

Happy Halloween!

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