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The world is changing on the daily basis and so is fashion. Online shopping for clothing and lifestyle in India, started in the year 2007. Before that everyone was habitual of the traditional way of buying things. Spending hours and hours, roaming around in the market. Fashion reflects the culture of a country. But recently, like a blink fashion goes and comes back into fashion. And it is all because of social media that fashion is switching its place and everyone has access to every fashion trend.  

From the day online shopping started, till now it has changed a lot. From basic women’s wear, kids’ wear, men’s wear, accessories, and home decor, everything you can imagine is available online. Earlier only the base country was selling its products but with time different countries started indulging with each other, now slowly they are expanding their fashion trends.

Recently, what is available in offline stores is also available online. It has made life pretty much easier. Today, the vision of online lifestyle fashion has broadened its perspectives. And clothing and accessories which were discarded before are back and selling like hot cakes.

Fashion is a way you lead your life. It depends majorly on where you buy, what you buy, and how you accessorize it. It changes our lifestyle and appearance in society.

Some of the popular changing trends!

Plain to Metallic 

For many eras, we are wearing plain blouses with traditional prints or embroidery, but now there is a shift to a metallic look. Especially for evening events, everyone is going for a metallic blouse pairing it with a plain saree or skirt. This year metallic swimwear are emerging Trend. The specialty of metallic is that it goes on every age group. 

One-shoulder dresses and puff sleeves

Deepika Padukone and Katy Perry were spotted wearing one-shoulder gowns at the met gala. With their stunning looks, they caught the eye of everyone. This style is an upgrade version and allows a person to feel comfortable showing off their skin. Hence, creating a different yet slaying look designers have created one-shoulder fluffy gowns, dresses, and tops. It goes well for every age group. 

Neon Bags

People were afraid of trying neon colors, but a boom has been observed. It was a myth that neon was only for particular skin types, but now it has been broken. For instance, in each advertisement or on any runway girls having dark skin tones were also seen wearing this. The reason behind this example is that all these things influence our lifestyle changes. It goes on well with every skin tone the key is only the confidence to carry it. 

In the past few years, plastic neon bags have made their space in the fashion industry but now except for them, neon cloth bags is a good move to go with every outfit. As all these colors flourish and add a bit of funk to your look.  

Shiny things

A shift is observed from embroidery or lace to mirror work. Let it be a day or night function, mirror work gowns, skirts, and accessories are first preferences. These days people love shiny attractive jackets, jeans, neck wears, and other things. The only back draw of this is, that they are heavy and won’t allow your body to move freely. 


At first, all black and white outfits came into trend. Later on, all hues of clothing from top to bottom came. And from a long duration of time, it is still managing to stay on top of the Fashion world. It is styled up best for formal wear to party wear.    

Oversized shirts

A symbol of sharing love. The trend came from women wearing shirts for their loved ones. Women especially are loving wearing oversized shirts with shorts and jeans. But now you can see the extended versions of this in silhouettes, peplum tops, and dresses. It gives you a chic look along with cultural touch.  

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