suitable locations for business conferences

Finding suitable locations for business conferences can be rather challenging because there are so many different things that you have to consider. Making sure that the facility you choose can accommodate your needs is important or you risk the conference being a disaster. 

There are several things to think about when you’re trying to find the perfect venue for your business conference. These include:

  • Budget: One of the first things you have to consider is how much your business can spend on the conference. This has to cover things like materials, the venue, catering, speakers, and similar expenses.
  • Location: Most business conferences take place in a major city that has things for individuals to do when they aren’t at the conference. Sometimes, a smaller city is a better option, but this typically won’t work well for larger conferences because those small cities might not be able to accommodate a large influx of visitors.
  • Accommodations: A business conference that has people coming in from other areas will need to ensure that there are suitable accommodations for them. Make sure that there’s a hotel that can comfortably handle the number of attendees you’ll have. 
  • Meeting spaces: Think about what’s going to happen at your conference. Make sure that there are meeting spaces that have seating for the number of attendees you expect. Additionally, make sure there are enough conference rooms available. 
  • Transportation: Ensure there’s transportation available for people who need it. This includes to and from the airport for those flying in, as well as options for individuals who are going to venture out into the city. 
  • Catering: Whether your conference will include full meals or just snacks, hiring a catering company might be a wise choice. You can focus on running the conference once the caterer takes over the food. 

European Business Conference Venues

There are venues all over Europe that you can choose from when you need to find a place to host your conference. Most businesses want luxury accommodations that keep up the professional image of the company. Consider these options:

Farsund Resort

With 121 rooms split between 35 houses, Farsund Resort provides conference attendees with luxurious homelike accommodations that leave them refreshed and ready to learn the information you’re providing at the conference. Outdoor activities that are suitable for team building and local fare served on-site make this a go-to venue for many company conferences. 

Best Western Hotel Carlia

With 110 rooms and dedicated conference packages, Best Western Hotel Carlia is a wonderful option for your upcoming business conference. This venue boasts a relaxation area with a sauna and gym. Bicycles are available for those who want to venture out into the city between meetings. 

Bohusgården Hotel & Conference

Located a short 20-minute drive from Torp Shopping Centre, Bohusgården Hotel & Conference is an ideal venue for conferences of all sizes. Conference attendees can take a 15-minute walk to the Uddevalla center, where they can shop or enjoy tasty treats at a café. An on-site spa can help them to relax while they’re taking in all the conference information. 

Marstrands Havshotell

Marstrands Havshotell is located less than an hour from Gothenburg. It features luxurious accommodations, a salty spa, and many amenities that can benefit the attendees of your business conference. It offers packages for conferences and can easily accommodate up to 400 participants. There are even special activities that you can choose from team building. 

Book Your Conference Dates Today

Some conference venues are busy and can book out far in advance. It’s best to get your conference booked as early as you can so you can start planning for the event. This also enables you to get the venue you want on the dates you need.

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