The asset manager Dunas Capital is going to launch a new private equity fund with which they seek to invest up to 50 million euros in the most disadvantaged regions of Spain.

The new vehicle, called Dunas Absolute Impact, seeks to generate a positive social and environmental impact together with a competitive financial return, and will act as a lever for the creation of employment and wealth in the target areas.

In a maximum period of 10 years they expect to capture a net profitability of 8-10% and will measure its impact in a quantitative way and aligned with the conceptual and methodological framework established by the Impact Management Project and impact indicators based on the IRIS + System will be used. These impact indicators will be verified by an independent external entity. In addition, compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be monitored.

Among the main investments that the fund will make is the development of sustainable and collaborative agriculture, improving crop management, training farmers in new working techniques that are more respectful of the environment and nature.

In this sense, it will work together with local farmers, pooling services and improving their economic situation. These types of actions will bring productivity increases that will improve the economic conditions of the area . In addition, progress will be made in the value chain, including basic transformation industry, this being a clear lever for generating employment and wealth in the area.

Another relevant type of investment that the fund will make will be the implementation of renewable energy in disadvantaged areas through photovoltaic solar generation systems, seeking to generate economic activity and contribute to the fight against climate change. Both agricultural energy self-consumption and the development of energy communities will be promoted with the intention of reducing the costs of agricultural production and improving the disposable income of the inhabitants of the geographical areas in which it is invested.

“The launch of this vehicle is one more example that we have incorporated the concept of financial sustainability as a determining factor within the group’s investment process,” explains David Angulo, Chairman of Dunas Capital.

“We are observing how sustainable and responsible investment based on the exclusion of sectors or activities is lagging behind in favor of more proactive strategies such as Impact Investing. For this reason, at Dunas we are pleased to incorporate this new class of asset into the wide range of innovative products that we have for our clients “, adds Borja Fernández-Galiano, Head of Sales at Dunas Capital.

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