Highstreets are slowly dwindling and businesses are now moving their efforts to online. This is beneficial for many different reasons as this it can bring you a bigger cut of the pie and target more focused audiences. The issue with online marketing is that there are so many different strategies to choose from and businesses are looking at doing little bits of every strategy but this is a huge mistake. If a business is struggling, many hire a digital agency Manchester-based or a local agency closest to you. Worryingly this happens more often than one may think so in this article, we will go through some business marketing strategy mistakes that you can avoid in 2021.

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

If you have just moved your efforts to online marketing, then you should already know your target audience. It is very unlikely that the product you are selling or the service you are providing is suited for everyone and that the whole world wants your product. It is important to know your target audience and what encourages them to buy your product as this can then be a focal point to optimise further to reach more like-minded audiences to expand your reach.

An example of this can be a seller of golf equipment will need to aim their marketing strategy at people who enjoy golf as a professional and casual sport and are interested in the latest gear. The business must now design a marketing strategy that will reach those people. If the business cannot distinguish between who would be interested and who isn’t.

If a business is targeting everyone, they will be spending too much money to see a healthy return on interest, conversion rates will deplete and revenue will not be easy to reach targets.

Not Having A Blog On Your Website

Content is key, no matter what other strategy you use it is essential to understand that content is one of the most important factors in getting you traffic to your site. Many businesses often miss this and will have little to no content on their site and then wonder why they are not getting any visitors. Having a blog can improve your long-tail keyword rankings, improve trust and will encourage users to use you over your competitors.

Here are some tips on strategising your content to do more than just bring traffic to the site:

  • Know your user’s personality
  • Relevant keyword research
  • Personalised content
  • Share the piece on all social media channels

Not Managing Your PPC Campaign

PPC is certainly not one of those things that you set up and then forget about as this could seriously cost you a lot more money than you need to spend whilst also damaging your ROAS. Instead, PPC campaigns need to be looked after, optimised and tweaked if needed.  There is always something that can be done to improve your overall campaign performance.

You could look at reviewing your keywords to see if there are any similar keywords with the same search volume that is cheaper per click. Testing new ads and trying to bid strategies are also great ideas to improve your PPC campaign. If you are struggling with implementing these new updates, then it could be worth looking for a reputable PPC agency Manchester-based or somewhere that you are located.

Ignoring Your Competition

Whilst we understand you are trying to show how you are different from your competitors, it is important to understand what they are doing in terms of their marketing strategies. Keep your focus and analyse what they are doing, what you are doing and what you can add to your strategy and how you can also win over your competitors users. A simple way to do this is to create a SWOT Analysis of yourself with each of your competitors, this way you have a good understanding of where you as a business stands.

There is so much to learn from your competitors which can benefit you as a business. This includes seeing what actions they are doing on social media, how they respond to their customer’s comments and reviews, looking at how they are structuring their site if they rank higher than you and many more details like this. Just remember that even the smallest details will help to hedge your bets against your competitors.

Not Paying Attention To Social Media

Social media is not just for communicating with your friends anymore, it is also an extremely powerful tool to reach your target audience and make huge returns on your spend. Everyone is on social media, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or what ever new platform that is out there. Nobody can go without social media for a day so just imagine the audiences you can target with a good quality strategy.

Some Key Strategies For Social Media Include:

  • Create a content calendar for your social media.
  • Don’t just follow the crowd, make your social media accounts personalised
  • Be transparent with your audience

Digital marketing is an essential tool for businesses and the trends are continuously changing so it is key to have a well thought out and executed marketing strategy whilst also being on top of current trends. This can seriously improve sales and growth of a company so get started now so that you can beat your competitors.

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