If anyone still had any doubts about the contempt and distrust that our international partners in theory feel towards Sánchez, his government and for them towards Spain, they only have to review the minutes of the Foreign Commission of the US Senate during the confirmation hearing of Julissa Reynoso, the person chosen by President Joe Biden to be the ambassador to our country.

An unprecedented reprimand to an associated country, in which the president of the Commission, Robert Menéndez, openly expressed his deep concern “that Spain has taken points of view that are outside of democracy and the human rights provisions that we expect from a ally of NATO “, alluding to the tolerance, if not collusion, of the Spanish Executive with the dictatorships of Latin America and, especially with Maduro’s Venezuela.

“The Spanish have not been close to us and not only are they not close, but they seem to be our opponents in our own continent,” added Robert Menéndez, who was ratified and supported by other senators such as Democrats Tim Kaine and Chris Murphy. , as well as by the ambassador nominee herself who assured that if confirmed she will urge the Spanish government to “be much clearer and more transparent and to maintain the same standard in terms of accountability regarding human rights violations and the lack of freedom and transparency in Cuba and Venezuela as in other countries. “

A clear and unambiguous statement demonstrating that in the US Administration and institutions there are many who consider the Spanish social-communist Executive as the “Trojan horse” of the enemies of democracy and freedoms in the Western bloc. And it also explains why neither Joe Biden nor anyone else in the North American giant cares for , receives or responds to Pedro Sánchez , in contrast to the warm reception, the praise and the meetings that Madrid-based president Díaz Ayuso received and held there .

The EU does not trust and has already sent its ‘men in black’ so that Sánchez can carry out the reforms

But it is not only in the US. The tints of the Greece of Tsipras and Varoufakis that color the Sanchista Executive provoke a deep rejection in Brussels and in the European chancelleries, where the rescue and the practical bankruptcy situation in which the radical populist government left the Hellenic country is very much in mind , and they neither believe nor trust his Hispanic mimesis.

In fact, they have already sent their “men in black” to watch over Sánchez. Two senior officials of the European Commission, the Director of the Recovery and Resilience Working Group, María Teresa Fábregas, and the Deputy Director General for Economy and Finance, Declan Costello, have been in charge of supervising the implementation of the reforms and the measures of adjustment required to continue sending money from European funds, which with expansive, interventionist, electoralist and utopian budgets in their growth, deficit and debt forecasts are further away every day.

Above all, if the government coalition between Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens is confirmed in Germany, where the so-called Future Program was already answered, claiming that the Germans did not have to pay the unemployment of the Greeks and the Spaniards,

Wastes and economic entanglements that add to the attacks on the judges and the undemocratic attempts to control and subdue the Judicial Power that place Spain on the brink of a legal break with the EU, in line with Poland, a country in which the community authorities They have already warned that the money from the Reconstruction Fund is at stake and even being expelled from the Union. As the saying wisely says, “when you see your neighbor’s beard cut, put yours to soak.” Well that.

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