The general rise in prices recorded last August, collected in the CPI, which was 3.3%, will also have an impact on the monthly rents paid by tenants for their houses. The signed contracts establish an annual update based on the CPI of the month in which they were closed. It implies an average increase in tenant income in Spain of 27 euros, according to a study carried out by idealista.

Although the 3.3% rise is the same for the whole country, the increase at the end of the month will not be the same for all tenants. By provinces, where the increase will be most noticeable will be in Barcelona and Madrid , where an average of 34 euros will rise to 1,079 euros and 1,064 euros per month, respectively. Behind, will be the 33 euros of increase in income in the Balearic Islands , which will reach 1,028 euros per month, and Guipúzcoa , with 1,018 euros on average.

On the opposite side, there is a group of provinces where the price update will be ‘only’ 12 euros per month on average: Jaén (which will reach 367 euros per month), Ciudad Real and Cáceres (both with 382 euros per month ) and Zamora (387 euros per month). With an average update of 13 euros, Cuenca (393 euros per month), Ávila (398 euros per month), Lugo (403 euros per month), Teruel (408 euros per month) and Badajoz (413 euros per month) appear.

Barcelona is the city in which you will most notice the increase in inflation when updating rents, reaching up to 36 euros more per month up to 1,116 euros in monthly rent. It is followed by updates from Madrid (35 euros more up to 1,100 euros / month), San Sebastián (33 euros more up to 1,048 euros per month), Bilbao (30 euros more up to 930 euros per month) and Palma (30 euros more up to 925 euros per month).

Zamora is the capital where the updates will be least noticeable, with only 13 euros up to 398 euros / month. In seven capitals the increase will be 14 euros per month: Ciudad Real (which will reach 424 euros per month), Cuenca (429 euros per month), Teruel (439 euros per month), and a quadruple tie between Lugo, Jaén, Cáceres and Ávila (all four with 444 euros per month).

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