Amazon targets third-party shipping to differentiate itself from the competition. In its quest to reach everywhere, Amazon has given another twist to its logistics policy. The internet commerce giant has started shipping to third parties in its latest move to compete against FedEx and UPS.

That is, if today you buy a product, for example, on eBay, it will actually come from a warehouse and will be delivered from an Amazon service. This is stated by Bernie Thompson, founder of the electronics company Plugable Technologies from which Amazon offers its products.

With all this, Amazon is offering its logistics services for orders that are not made through its website (, which explains why some shipments from eBay, Walmart and others arrive at your door through Amazon.

This shipping expansion is reminiscent of other times when Amazon used immense resources and data to disrupt an industry, such as Prime Video and Amazon Web Services, recalls the company’s former product security manager, Rachel Greer.

Logistics network
Compared to the previous year, Amazon has increased the capacity of its logistics network by 50%. Since 2014, Amazon’s investment in this field has not stopped growing. After 10 billion shipments, the company now has 400,000 drivers worldwide, 40,000 trucks, 30,000 vans and a fleet of more than 70 aircraft.

According to SJ Consulting Group, the company led by Jeff Bezos now sends 72% of its own packages, compared to 46.6% in 2019, as reported by CNBC .

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