a good night’s sleep

Our bodies function in divine synchronicity with the laws of the universe and nature. Just like the sun, the moon, and the planets go through cycles, so do our bodies.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, we dance in rhythm with the physiological and emotional needs of our bodies.

Nevertheless, we often tend to steer in a different direction and lose track of the roadmap ahead of us. Whether we wish to fit more tasks than we can in a day or simply our party mode is overtaking our rest mode at the expense of a good night’s sleep, our bodies immediately signal the disbalance through stress and ailments.

Here is how to restore your body’s natural rhythm to relieve stress and live a happy and balanced life.

When you wake up

We often say that “the morning is wiser than the evening”. Before we go to bed, we put our burdens and worries away in the night drawer, hoping we wake up to it empty.

That is so because the levels of dopamine and cortisol in the brain are the highest in the morning. These hormones are in charge of making us feel happy, motivated, and energised. The morning is the perfect time to channel this creative and rejuvenating energy and set the mood right for the day.

So, instead of reaching for your smartphone, try indulging in some of these stress-reducing, happiness-inducing activities.

Write in your journal

Intriguingly, while we’re asleep, we’re processing all the information we’ve stored in our night drawer. It’s often manifested in our dreams, and your night-time imagination is producing images closely related to what happened during the day or what you’re suppressing emotionally.

What happens during the REM stage of our sleep can be called a reboot. We run maintenance on the emotional centres of our brains, which makes us relaxed physically and emotionally.

When we wake up, we need some time to save the progress. Why not channel your creative energy into writing down your thoughts and emotions? This is also a great time to set goals, plan your day, and tell yourself you’re going to have a magical day.

If you’re into interpreting your dreams or simply like to remember and retell the fruits of your nigh-time imagination, you can start keeping a dreams journal and get a step closer to realising the magnificence of your beautiful self.


One of the tactics that highly successful people adopt is morning meditation. For example, American actress and singer Kristen Bell claims that morning meditation helps her de-stress and develop trust in the divine unfolding of things.

You’re probably familiar with a life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, who has helped millions of people reach the path of success and happiness. He meditates for 10 minutes every morning to find emotional health and stability.

Whether it’s guided mediation, body scan, or focusing on your breath, dedicating a few minutes every morning to calm your mind before you start your day will help you feel less stressed and more aligned.

Take your vitamins

We often associate taking medication with ailments and aches. But we don’t have to be in pain to take vitamins that help restore the body’s balance.

Here are some of the best to take in the morning:

  • Vitamin D – helps regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and strengthens the immune system. It supports the growth and development of bones and teeth and helps build resistance against certain diseases. Naturally, it comes from the sun, but because we don’t get as much in the UK, it’s best to take vitamin D. Pair it with high-fat foods to ensure proper absorption.
  • B Complex vitamins – support the function of enzymes in our bodies and healthy brain function, reduce the risk of cancer, and alleviate stress and chronic fatigue. They’re mainly contained in meat and other animal products, so if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you might want to stock up on B Complex vitamins. They’re best absorbed with food.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid (Fish Oil) – improves brain function, eye health, and heart health. It helps fight depression and anxiety and relieves the symptoms of ADHD, Inflammation, and autoimmune disease. Omega-3 is mainly contained in fish, flax seeds, and legumes. Take the vitamins alongside foods rich in fat for better absorption.

Before going to bed

When it’s time to call it a day and retreat for a peaceful sleep, our levels of melatonin increase and our bodily functions generally slow down. We’re getting ready for the reboot.

To prepare for this process, it’s important to develop good sleep hygiene. This will ensure the quality of your sleep and make you feel stress-free and energised the next day, optimising the natural rhythms of your body. The last thing you want is to pass the stress from today to the world of dreams and onto the next day. Because why have nightmares when you can have sweet dreams?

Here is how to fall in love with your sleep routine and look forward to it every night.

Take a ritualistic bath

Taking a bath is not just a way to practise good hygiene but also a great relaxation tool. It comes as no surprise that ancient Roman, Greek, and Turkish cultures praised the act of taking a bath and turned it into a sacred ritual.

You can do the same at home by adding a pinch of magic to your regular bath using aromatherapy. Add a drop of lavender essential oil, chamomile extract, and rose to make an ambrosial cocktail of relaxation.

Set the mood by playing meditative music and lighting up an incense and a few candles. Close your eyes and immerse your senses for a truly rejuvenating time.

Sleep in linen bedding

The material and quality of your bedding are vital for a good night’s sleep. There is an intrinsic connection between our skin and brain. The nerves that make up the peripheral nervous system link directly to the brain. Not only can stress cause skin disease, but irritated skin can also cause psychological stress.

This means that we need to pay special attention to our bedding. Linen, in particular, feels soft to the skin and has a number of health benefits. No surprise, it was used in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt for clothing, bedding, and home furnishings.

Louise Rusk, the founder of Cowberry Home, commented: “Linen bedding is a treat to the senses. It embraces you in its gentle cuddle and takes you on an adventure through time and luxury. It’s a therapy for your skin due to its anti-septic, hypoallergenic, and breathable properties.

“Moreover, linen prevents the skin from developing diseases and irritations, as the cellulose fibres are woven in a way that makes the fabric resistant to fungi, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. That makes it one of the best bedding materials to sleep in.”

Sleep with a white noise machine

White noise machines are a great way to align the sound frequencies in your bedroom to destress and sleep better. White noise compiles the entire spectrum of existent sound frequencies in a harmonious way, thus disabling other sounds from outranging each other. The result is a constant sound resembling buzzing or a tuned-out radio.

By blocking out unwanted noise, your attention doesn’t quickly jump, thus waking you up. White noise machines calm the mind and mimic the soothing effect of a car ride or a vacuum cleaner that helps you doze off.

It’s easy to get swayed by the buzz of the day and be negligent towards self-care. But as stress and ailments arise, we’re reminded that looking after our bodies and mental health shouldn’t be an afterthought. Adding a few self-care tactics to our morning and evening routines can have a massive impact. Show your beautiful self the love it deserves!

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