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Want to go from basic to chic in an instant? Ombre Dip Nails are the go-to move. The trending new sensation in the world of fashion makes you rethink your decision to settle for a single shade when you have the stellar chance to elevate your appearance by blending different hues together. Let’s dive in to have a closer look at them. 

Throw in two shades to get the perfect Ombre out. 

The Same Ombre? 

The Ombre technique has been making rounds in the fashion universe for some time now. From hair to couture, this technique has been adding twists wherever it goes. The gradient of tones that it creates in them— darker to the lighter theme is so irresistible that the nail art platforms could not help but give it a fair try. The results were self-explanatory, given the instantaneous popularity of this new nail look.

The Ombre nails are an exciting form of a manicure in which a gradient of colours is painted onto the nails with some regular strokes. The usual look includes a lighter streak of colour at the bottom of the nail, eventually turning into a darker streak of another colour till the tip. It creates a smooth fade appearance due to an absolutely smooth transition of the hues. A break from the typical design of delineated lines. 

The Dip in Ombre Dip Nails

A wide range of options is available is to create the Ombre nail pattern and enhance the fine details of your appearance. Gel, dip powder, gel polish and lacquer are just some of the available choices. The dip powder method is deemed the most practical choice to get the neatest look, especially if you are a beginner. The vital point to be mindful of here is that this option is comparatively less complex and takes lesser time to complete the look than the other available counterparts. 

The simple procedure of this creative technique involves using a highly-pigmented powder which is layered upon the nail and covered with some amount of sealer to finish it off. This nail look needs some time to get the perfect look, so a couple of diligent tries will be helpful to get the hang of it. 

What Type of Nails?

To get this trendy design, you can either opt for your natural nails and grow them either to a short or long length as you deem suitable, or enhance your nails through different available options such as gel, acrylics, etc. If you do not want to increase the size of your nails or wait for a long time to grow your nails seems like an arduous task, then your answer is artificial enhancement through these mentioned techniques to quickly get a hand on this look. 

Let’s Do It!

Walk down the following steps for a quick and easy method to get the dip powder technique;

  • Prepare your nail for the ride.
  • Take one colour as your base dip hue and proceed with applying it to the complete nail. 
  • Dip half of your nail gently into the second hue repeatedly up till the point where you want the colour to manifest on the nail, and continue dipping until the colour has become saturated on the nail. 
  • Brush the Ombre tip with a single swipe to soften it at the point where the two hues catch up to one another. 
  • Finally, while being really careful in this step, use two long, slow and gentle strokes of a top coat to fixate the loose powder of the second hue at the tip with the primary hue and create the look of Ombre dip nails. 

We have assembled a few looks to get your imagination working;

1- Ombre Being French

The classic theme of French manicure meeting the Ombre Dip nail twist gives a sophisticated and modern elevation to everyday looks and catches the eye at refined business meetings.  

2- The Cinderella Ombre

A touch of sparkle to your dull base colours makes the heads turn like Cinderella at the ball. The final look is breathtaking. 

3- The Classic Bold Take

Bold and fierce colours already are a show-stopper. Throw in the flavour of Ombre, and it will just make it even harder to turn the heads away. 

Final Note

Ombre Dip Nails have made a name due to its fancy style, and it makes sense that you will want to try it on as well. It might feel a little challenging to get the hang of it, but don’t give up. A few tries and all will be set indeed because they look amazing on coffin nails for a really striking look. Or dont fail to try pink acrylic nails if you want the prettiest look this summer?

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