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For most people, it takes a while to transition from bicycles to cars. A bike or scooter makes the perfect travelling companion. Two-wheelers frequently provide unsurpassed convenience. Long-distance travel is free from traffic congestion and high fuel prices. It’s a really cost-effective way to travel. A scooter is practical if you intend to use it for quick city commutes. However, you must spend the money on a sturdy bike if you plan to take extended road excursions. The control of a scooter is easier than the control of a motorcycle. The scooter will be perfect if you want a small, practical vehicle that is simple to drive. However, a bike is unquestionably a better option if you plan to travel across difficult terrain. Hero scooters are very popular and attractive. You can depend on these scooters as these two-wheelers are durable. Most people tend to believe that scooters are safer than bikes when it comes to two-wheelers.

Before buying a two-wheeler, mileage is a crucial issue to consider. It is computed using the number of kilometres a vehicle travels for each litre of fuel. Generally speaking, scooters have better mileage than bikes. However, the bike’s type and features might substantially affect it. Scooter mileage can range from 50 KMPL to 80 KMPL. Any vehicle’s mileage is greatly influenced by the size of its engine. It is inversely proportional to the engine’s power. If you want a cheap, fuel-efficient car, a scooter is perfect. Hero scooters are perfect when you are about to purchase a two-wheeler

Here are the new Hero Pleasure Scooty models:

Hero Pleasure Plus and Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec are the two new models in this category. 

Hero Pleasure Plus:

The manufacturer’s top-of-the-line 110cc scooter is the Hero Pleasure Plus. It has a fresh look that is obviously intended to appeal to a younger population. The Pleasure Plus has a starting price of Rs 68,368 and a maximum price of Rs 77,268. 

A fuel-injected 110.9cc engine powers the Hero Pleasure Plus, delivering 8.1PS at 7000rpm and 8.7Nm at 5500rpm. Hero claims that compared to the BS4 version, the Pleasure Plus has 10% faster acceleration and 10% better mileage. The 130mm drum brakes on either end of the Pleasure Plus were installed by Hero. At the front, it has a bottom link spring-loaded suspension, and at the back, a single shock is mounted on a swingarm. Each end of the Hero Pleasure Plus has 10-inch wheels with 90/100 section tyres mounted.

The Pleasure Plus is covered in chrome garnish, including the headlamp cover, mirrors, and minor accents all throughout, which gives the scooter a high-end appearance. A semi-digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity is also included. The Hero Connect app offers several warnings, including tow away, topple, speed, geofence, and vehicle start. This app also allows users to find their scooters in a parking lot. However, Bluetooth connectivity, chrome mirrors, a backrest, and i3S technology are not available on the LX and VX models. It receives a halogen headlamp and an analogue console with a small digital inlay.

Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec:

In India, the Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec scooter has a starting price of Rs. 95,720. It comes in 2 variations and 4 colours, with the top variation starting at Rs. 98,079. The Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec is propelled by a 110.9cc BS6 engine that produces 8 horsepower and 8.7 Nm of torque. With both rear and front drum brakes, Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec creates a combined braking system for both wheels. With a fuel tank capacity of 4.8 litres, this Pleasure Plus Xtec scooter weighs 104 kg.

Hero MotoCorp has refreshed its scooter lineup by introducing a new Pleasure Plus version. The Pleasure Plus Xtec is the name of this 110cc scooter’s variation, which offers more amenities than the base model.

The regular model’s halogen headlamp is replaced with a new LED projector headlamp in the Xtec variation. According to Hero MotoCorp, the Pleasure Plus Xtec’s configuration provides 25% higher light intensity. Additionally, this Pleasure Plus edition includes a semi-digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to information regarding the ride, the console on the Xtec version displays details on missed/incoming calls and the phone’s battery level. A side-stand visual signal is added to the cockpit, and the safety net is strengthened with a ‘Side-stand Engine cut-off’ feature and book ticketon.

A number of chrome-style components are present in the Pleasure Plus Xtec’s exterior. You can see these style components around the headlamp, rear-view mirror stalks and housing, apron, front fender, side panels, and exhaust shield to read shuftipro. A metal front fender, a pillion backrest, a dual-tone seat, and coloured inner panels are among the additional features added to the Xtec model. The Pleasure Plus Xtec model is painted Jubilant Yellow. 

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