European cars, from Audi and Volkswagen to Mercedes Benz and BMW, are some of the most coveted vehicles on the road. Though these European cars are designed with an eye for detail, any car owner needs to be diligent about maintenance to keep things running smoothly. When it comes to cars out of Europe, specialized auto care is required considering the unique customizations that add character to each of these cars. Here are five reasons why European cars need specialized auto care.

Different Engine Designs Need Special Lubricants and Fluids

Many engine designs require special lubricants and fluids to ensure they remain free of corrosion, prevent wear, and reduce friction. This is especially important for European-made cars, which are built differently than those produced elsewhere in the world. To properly maintain a car with a European-designed engine, such as a German or Italian vehicle, the owner should use motor oil created specifically for that type of car. Additionally, other lubricants, coolants, and brake fluids should be specially formulated for these European vehicles to reach peak performance and safely complete everyday driving operations without the risk of breakdowns due to improper lubrication or inadequate cooling.

European Carmakers Use High-Quality Materials and Finishes in Their Vehicles

European carmakers are renowned for their stringent quality control during the manufacturing process and their dedication to creating vehicles that perform well in any conditions. The commitment to using premium materials and finishes is evident at the first glance of these European cars, as these cars can withstand regular wear and tear far better than other models on the market, without compromising on style or power. To maintain this level of performance and appearance, owners of these European cars need to ensure they are providing the specific auto care for their vehicles. This means following a regular maintenance schedule, and stocking up on certified products that protect against corrosion, salt, moisture, and other environmental hazards, while also making sure they inspect their vehicles regularly.

European Carmakers Often Have Unique Design Features

European carmakers often have unique design features that require specialized European auto repair when servicing the vehicle. Working on European cars requires a higher level of knowledge than many other models as they have specialized design features that may require special tools and techniques to access certain parts and components. Moreover, several European models contain sophisticated electronics and computer systems that are quite different from those seen in vehicles from other continents. Therefore, car mechanics must understand the specific auto care requirement of European vehicles when servicing these vehicles to ensure proper operation and diagnostics.

European Cars Often Have Smaller Engines Than Their American and Japanese Counterparts

Europe is home to many prestigious auto manufacturers, producing cars that are renowned for their sleek designs and efficient performance. While these vehicles may look similar to American or Japanese models, there are some important differences between them when it comes to maintenance. European cars often have smaller engines compared to American or Japanese cars, which can require different oil viscosities and other specifications to function properly. This can lead to certain maintenance requirements being different from what Americans are accustomed to, hence the need for specific auto care.

Many European Automakers Design Their Cars for Fuel Efficiency and Fewer Emissions

With the push to be more eco-friendly, many automakers globally have ramped up the production of cars that run on fuel efficiency. Through innovations such as turbocharged engines, onboard computers, and electric motors, European automakers are in a quest to be more environmentally responsible and, consequently, are making a concerted effort to create vehicles that produce fewer emissions while consuming less fuel. This is accomplished by reducing drag and using materials that reduce weight. In addition, they are developing technologies to optimize the burning of fuel within an engine’s chambers. This creates the need for specialized auto care because using the wrong octane rating in these cars can cause problems for the owner.


European cars are some of the most popular and sought-after vehicles on the road. However, they require specialized care to keep them running smoothly and at their best, which is why you should turn to specialists in auto care. With the right auto care products and services, you can keep your European car running smoothly for years to come.

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