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Unbelievable car innovations that are predicted to go mainstream in the forthcoming decade can help save the future. This article will not just talk about vehicles that run on salt water or cars that work on voice commands, but way cooler innovations that you are likely to anticipate in the next generation of automobiles.

Mind-blowing technological advancements that automotive industries continue to conceptualize, pushing the boundaries and limits of what is imaginable can be saving countless lives. From cars that can self-drive and effectively avoid collisions to in-car displays that actively remind you to slow down can harness traffic safety and comfort to car owners.

In today’s generation, car innovations continue to evolve faster and better due to AI system installations and the internet. Even car prototypes that can easily detect the driver’s heart functions were already introduced in the market. It’s like having a doctor installed in the car whenever you’re on the road. How cool is that!

Electric Car Innovations

Electric Vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are projected to reach 27.5 million units in the global market by 2027. People all over the globe are converting to E-vehicles not just to protect the environment but also to save money for gas. 

Fueled vehicles that emit toxins that contribute to air pollution and our health problems are one of the biggest reasons why people gravitate to electric vehicles. Fine particulates found in car fumes can actually trigger dormant mutations in our lungs that can lead to cancer. Car owners, being more health conscious after the COVID-19 pandemic, have become aware of the urgency to embrace more sustainable transportation options. 

Ultra-fast and wireless charging for electric vehicles is already an option for e-vehicle owners. As features for these electric cars continue to improve, hassles like charging in-between long drives will not be a problem in the near future. 

In-Car Air Purification and Heating Technology

Have you heard about cars that not only protect you from the environmental pollutants outside but also from the pollution inside your car

According to a study, there are plenty of volatile organic compounds concentrations found inside the car that could affect the health of the passengers. These VOCs are bi-products of the combustion process or burning fuels. 

When the temperature inside the car rises, mass concentrations of VOCs also increase affecting the in-car air quality. Car manufacturers have already taken measures to make sure that the air you breathe inside your vehicles are safe and pollutant free. Built-in smart air purifiers are already introduced in the market. 

Platforms using innovative techniques and technology to eliminate VOCs inside cars continue to rise year after year. They are being introduced to the market by large car companies, such as Tesla and BMW, as new car features that car owners are looking forward to. Factory-fitted smart air purification systems and AqFresh for car interior textiles are only some of the innovations that not only can protect the environment but our health as well. 

Bosch’s LCD Visor

A car’s sun visor functions as a shield to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. Renowned car manufacturers like Bosch are continuously developing anti-glare solutions using smart technology to improve your car’s safety features including the sun visors. 

The smart “glare-shield” designed by Bosch offers a revolutionary transparent virtual visor with LCD and an intuitive camera. Equipped with a sun-tracking sensor that can detect the sunlight’s maximum intensity on the surface of the windshield. The visor automatically and intuitively blocks the sun’s glare without compromising the view of the road ahead. 

Smart glass or digital sunshades have liquid crystal LCDs and it is being run by an AI program. It is linked to a driver camera that can analyze the passenger’s facial features and the system can essentially figure out where the light is entering the vehicle. 

Health Monitoring Technology

Having your own Beymax whenever you’re on the road? Who doesn’t want that? 

Beymax is a healthcare robot, a fictional character of Big Hero 6, a film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. 

As automakers continue to use Artificial Intelligence for car features, having your car as a doctor is not far from being possible. Ford and Kia Motors had already introduced their own automotive innovations on vehicles that can monitor the overall health of their passengers. They have developed a car seat that can keep a record of their vital signs and can detect certain health irregularities. They also have steering wheel features where the car can easily measure the driver’s facial temperature and heart rate. 

Kia Motors’s READ system uses artificial Intelligence to read the rider’s emotions based on their electrodermal activity, heart rate, and facial expressions. It then uses music vibration as a response to keep the driver’s emotional state under control while on the road. 

Energy- Storing Car Panels

Since hybrid cars are already out in the market, we can not deny that compared to fuel-powered cars, hybrid cars lack endurance and speed. That is why car manufacturers are looking towards using car panels as energy storage since batteries can take up much space and are much heavier. 

Chalmer’s University in Sweden has made a massive breakthrough in its “massless” batteries. It is not actually weightless but a mono-tasking structural panel that is effective in storing energy. It makes use of carbon fiber that can simultaneously act as a conductor, electrode, and load-bearing material. 

If energy storage panels become successful, the possibilities are limitless. Fuel-powered vehicles can also make use of these innovations and could eliminate traditional car batteries for a more sustainable source. 


Futuristic car innovations can redefine the future, such a car that runs in salt water. As mobile phones continue to go thinner, lighter, and smarter, the automotive industry is also rapidly advancing and trends are harder to predict in the upcoming years. 

Finally, cars with advanced safety features, can self-drive, and are equipped with cutting-edge technological functions to minimize toxic emissions can not only save our health but the planet as well. 

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